Gem and Gelu Crag Hack and Yog

To the Wizards of Bracada,

My tale is a long one, but I must tell it because there is no one else who will. After all, who would believe Crag Hack's bar room bragging? Gem seems to want certain events swept under the rug, never again revealed. I have heard nothing of Gelu since he found the cursed sword, Armageddon's Blade. So that leaves me to tell the tale history forgot.

I parted with you on shaky terms so very long ago. I may be a genie like my mother, but I have my father's adventurous spirit. Preferring the life I found in Krewlod, I had to leave the one you offered me in Bracada. It was on this journey of self-discovery that this tale has its earliest beginnings. After being accepted into Krewlod society, I began my wanderings and met three people near the Erathian-Deyjan border. The four of us were all searching for a new life and stumbled upon events far larger than each of our petty problems.

It was before the Restoration of Erathia war when I met and worked with the young Gelu, the beautiful Gem, and the barbaric Crag Hack. My three comrades were from such different backgrounds it is surprising we were able to work together. Crag Hack was an easygoing man, with a passion for combat, wine and lots of women. He made me smile and forget my own troubles for a while. When Gem wasn't slaughtering the forces of undead, she was a quiet and reserved woman with a kind heart. Gelu had barely graduated from the Forest Guard, ready for a fight and eager to prove himself. His seriousness was surprising in one so young and contrasted greatly against the boisterous Crag Hack.

Somehow we managed to stop a Necromancer, Sandro, who had plans for world domination. Manipulating Gem, Gelu and Crag Hack, he was able to reach Deyja with some very powerful items in his possession. Once there, he vaulted a puppet king, Finneas Vilmar, to the throne and threatened to conquer all of Antagarich.

My tale will begin in four separate places, but in the end you see that all of the events were intertwined, leading to the near destruction of us all.



Recently arrived from Enroth, Crag Hack seeks fame, fortune and glory on this new continent, Antagarich. He meets a young wizardís apprentice, Sandro, who is seeking four artifacts. Sandro promises gold, glorious battle, and a land title, which interests the adventurous barbarian.

Crag Hack Crag Hack - Male Human Barbarian.
Att: 4, Def: 0, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Advanced Offence.
Special: 5% per level bonus to Offense skill.


Gelu is the youngest individual to ever graduate from the Forest Guard. He must pass one final test and then he will enter service under Lord Falorel: assemble the pieces to the Elixir of Life so the Deyjan lords canít destroy the precious combination artifact.

Gelu Gelu - Male Half-Human/Vori Elf Ranger.
Att: 1, Def: 3, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Leadership, Basic Archery.
Special: can upgrade Archers, Marksmen, Wood Elves and Grand Elves to Sharpshooters.


Yog has decided to reject his genie heritage and follow in the footsteps of his Barbarian father. Winston Boragus, the Duke of Krewlod, has invited Yog to join his Barbarian army, but Yogís Magic Academy masters do not agree with these plans and will attempt to stop Yog. Once Yog makes it to Krewlod, he must past the first test to see Winston Boragus, and then he must pass the second test Ė disperse the pieces of the Angelic Alliance.

Yog Yog - Male Genie Wizard.
Att: 4, Def: 0, Sp: 1, Kn: 1. Basic Offence, Basic Ballistics.
Special: increases the Attack and Defense skills of any Cyclopes or Cyclops Kings he commands for each level he has attains after the 6th level.


Gem has left the ghosts of war in Enroth that have plagued her since the Succession Wars. She finds a home in AvLee and has begun to work for Lord Fayette. While working near the Erathian border she meets Sandro, a wizardís apprentice who is helping his master perform anti-necromancy research. She agrees to help Sandro find some artifacts and is soon laying a path of destruction through necromancer territory.

Gem Gem - Female Human Druid.
Att: 0, Def: 2, Sp: 1, Kn: 2. Basic Wisdom, Basic First Aid.
Special: 5% per level bonus to First Aid skill.


NOTE: You must complete all four campaigns listed above before you can play Rise of the Necromancer.

Having successfully garnished all of the pieces for the Cloak of the Undead King and the Armor of the Damned, Sandro is now traveling to Deyja. His old master, Ethric, has other plans for the power-hungry necromancer. Ethric has sent word to Sandroís enemies of his location and that he possesses the powerful artifacts. Sandro must fight his way through these opponents before continuing to Deyja and making allies there.

Sandro Sandro - Male Lich Necromancer.
Att: 1, Def: 0, Sp: 2, Kn: 2. Basic Necromancy, Basic Sorcery.
Special: 5% per level bonus to Sorcery skill.

Finneas Finneas - Male Lich Necromancer.
Att: 1, Def: 2, Sp: 2, Kn: 2. Basic Necromancy, Basic Mysticism.
Special: Animate Dead.


NOTE: You must complete Rise of the Necromancer before you can play Unholy Alliance.

Four heroes must discover the truth behind some recent occurrences. They soon learn the wizardís apprentice, Sandro, was really a necromancer with plans for world domination. Uncovering Sandroís true ambitions, the heroes must join forces to stop him, but they must first find the pieces of the Angelic Alliance in order to face the powerful necromancer in his lair.


NOTE: You must complete Unholy Alliance before you can play Specter of Power.

Evil never rests, and Sandro is no exception. He has formed another plan to dominate Antagarich, starting with Erathia. With a little help from the corrupted Lord Haart, the brutish Kreegans and the greedy Dungeon Overlords, he will soon rule all of Antagarich.