Might/Stronghold Might Heroes - Barbarians

Barbarians start with Basic Combat, Basic Melee and Basic Magic Resistance.

Barbarian hero cost in Stronghold is 1500 Gold.
Barbarian hero cost in Tavern is 2000 Gold.
Barbarians cannot be hired in Haven, Academy, Necropolis, Asylum and Preserve.

Male Barbarians

Male Barbarian

Bofmog Bofmog - Ogre
Biography: Bofmog was Kilgor's personal executioner. On those few occasions when Kilgor didn't do the deed himself, he turned it over to silent, thoughtful Bofmog. Unknown to the mad king, however, Bofmog decided for himself who deserved to die. For those that didn't, he arranged an escape.
History: New
Bron Bron - Human
Biography: Bron was once a swamp fighter for Tatalia, but war and the Reckoning obliterated his people. Now, this rugged man has fought his way into the Barbarian clans, where he has found their sense of community comforting and worth preserving.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Human Beastmaster
Crag Hack Crag Hack - Human
Biography: Crag Hack will forever remain an opportunist, fighting for pleasure and profit instead of foolish intangibles like ideals or beliefs. Even his narrow escape from the destruction of the old world has failed to give him a more profound outlook on life.
History: Since Strategic Quest (Homm1), Succession Wars (Homm2 + PoL) and Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Barbarian
Dogwoggle Dogwoggle - Human
Biography: Dogwoggle is a hapless hero who has a way of getting into trouble. He often brags about his abilities (which are questionable) and exhibits unflagging confidence no matter how often he fails. However, with his mindless persistence, he always manages to stumble out of trouble and come out on top.
History: New
Ferret Ferret - Human
Biography: The day Ferret became a warrior, he chose a sleek, devious rodent as his namesake because it fit his personality best. Even to this day, those that don't know him make the mistake of challenging him to single combat. They soon learn why people say, "This Ferret has long teeth!"
History: New
Hagnar Hagnar - Human
Biography: Hagnar is a veteran of more wars than he can count. He hasn't always been proud of his victories, but he has always acted honorably even when his fellow Barbarians have not. He still fights to protect his people even though he has reached the age when most men put down the sword.
History: New
Khorrun Khorrun - Ogre
Biography: Khorrun's small, nomadic tribe dwelled in a harsh desert far from civilization. Nonetheless, bandits slaughtered his entire tribe while he was away gathering water. Now, he wanders the world alone. Like his people, Khorrun is quick to anger, slow to forgive, and intensely loyal to those that win his respect.
History: New
Krellion Krellion - Ogre
Biography: rellion was originally a wrestler, but he gave it up to lead men into battle because there simply wasn't any challenge in bloodless combat anymore. Sometimes, he longs for the glory days when King Kilgor and the Barbarian armies swept over the land - dominating all who came before him.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Ogre Barbarian
Tazar Tazar - Human
Biography: Tazar is a clanless outsider who wanders from clan to clan doing odd jobs for a meal and lodging. Sometimes, he is able to hire out his strong sword arm as well. This is the life he has become accustomed to, although in private he longs to be accepted by one of the tribes.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Human Beastmaster
Trome Trome - Human
Biography: Trome spent five years as a swamp lizard as a result of a wizard's punishment, or so he claims. The experience left this eccentric man with a deep understanding and love of reptiles, as well as a weak hold on his sanity.
History: New
Wegg Wegg - Human
Biography: There are few Barbarians as skilled in warfare as Wegg. He can proudly tell you how he got each of his numerous scars and how he took revenge on the one who gave it to him. His bravado aside, one can't survive so many injuries without being a tremendous warrior.
History: New
Wolfric Wolfric - Human
Biography: Good-natured Wolfric is someone to have around when spirits are down. He is vibrant, funny, and capable of telling a story better than any bard. In the moments before a battle, his jokes and taunts calm the nerves of inexperienced warriors, as well as rile the tempers of the enemy.
History: New
Yog Yog - Half-Genie
Biography: Yog is a living contradiction. He may have the blue skin of his genie mother, but he has the battle fury and strength of his Barbarian father. At one time, he considered following his mother's path and embracing a life of magic, but his passion for warfare proved stronger.
History: Since Strategic Quest (Homm1) and Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Half-Genie Barbarian (SoD - Half-Genie Wizard)

Female Barbarians

Female Barbarian

Abegga Abegga - Ogre
Biography: Abegga was the leader of her tribe and a mother of eight when King Kilgor called for her people to join his army. For her people's sake, Abegga refused and marched them into the wilderness, where they were hunted and killed like common criminals until the Reckoning provided a means of escape.
History: New
Colwa Colwa - Human
Biography: Colwa dreams of a day when her people will be at peace with the other races. That's why she often volunteers to be an envoy to foreign nations. Normally, someone so outspoken against war would be banished from Barbarian society, but Colwa also happens to be an excellent warrior.
History: New
Drenka Drenka - Ogre
Biography: Ogres usually rely on traps or ambushes when hunting, but Drenka has been known to track her prey for days before finally catching it unaware and killing it with her bare hands. No one quite knows where she picked up these skills, but she's an invaluable addition to her clan.
History: New
Jadne Jadne - Human
Biography: Fiery-tempered Jadne is clanless because her father refuses to acknowledge her as his daughter. Such a harsh life has made her a strong fighter at a young age. Most people can't hold her gaze for long, for it reminds them of a certain famous Barbarian who loves to hack people apart.
History: New
Lanya Lanya - Human
Biography: Long-limbed Lanya is able to run farther and faster than anyone she knows. Due to her incredible endurance, she was recruited as a war messenger. Because it is dangerous for a girl running alone from one battlefield to another, however, Lanya learned to fight as well.
History: New
Kel Kel - Human
Biography: As soon as Kel came of age, her people married her to their War God in a spectacular and bloody ceremony. Now, it is said that each time she is victorious over an enemy, she will take their power until the day that she, too, becomes a goddess and joins her husband.
History: New
Nef Nef - Human
Biography: Because most of her tribe perished in the Reckoning, Nef's people joined with another clan to survive. Through no choice of her own, Nef is now married to a man she doesn't know. Thankfully, he's a warrior who has no time for frivolous things such as love, and is rarely home.
History: New
Oroon Oroon - Human
Biography: Oroon is a real scrapper who will simply toss aside a broken weapon and fight with her teeth and bare hands, never once thinking about surrender. She may not be a large woman (in fact, she's quite small) but she wins fights through sheer tenacity.
History: New
Ranella Ranella - Human
Biography: Sinewy Ranella is far stronger than she appears. She has bested many men in feats of strength and endurance, taking great pleasure in these victories. These days, however, she has become more of a mercenary and won't even accept a challenge unless there is a wager attached to it.
History: New
Shiva Shiva - Human
Biography: Beautiful Shiva should have been her clan's religious leader, but her family was killed during the Reckoning while attempting to save some sacred animals. Despairing over the futility of all her ceremonies and sacrifices, Shiva abandoned the gods and took up a sword instead.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Human Barbarian
Toadeater Toadeater - Ogre
Biography: Toadeater is an industrious ogre skilled in hunting, skinning, and even tailoring crude clothing. She is also highly superstitious. On days when the omens are good, she will plunge into battle without any concern for her safety. But when the omens are bad, she won't even get out of bed.
History: New
Vix Vix - Human
Biography: Vix is capable of defeating opponents twice her size due to her uncanny reflexes, running and dodging as quick as a deer being chased by a cougar. Now that she has embarked on a life of adventure, she seeks the thrill that comes from risking her life in every way possible.
History: New
Yutena Yutena - Human
Biography: Yutena was one of Kilgor's youngest wives, and he favored her by sparring with her daily, giving her many scars. Although she realizes he brought about the destruction of the world, Yutena still holds a soft spot for him and believes there will be no greater king. Her only regret is that she never had Kilgor's child.
History: New

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