Nature Town - Preserve Nature Creatures

Nature / Preserve Overview

The people who dwell in the Preserve Castle believe they are above good and evil, above any forces in the universe, as they are nature, the only true and wild untamed force. Despite this, all elements of human life appear in their ways, beauty, revulsion, life, and death. Nature is allied with Life, as they are both obsessed with creation and life. Nature is also allied with Chaos, as their common interest is to let things be, and let everything be untamed. This means they opposed to Order, due to the Order they have pleasure in instilling, and Death, as these Nercomancers are to hungry for death, rather than nature and life.

Nature’s two premier heroes are the Druid and the Archer, the former utilises many summoning spells to his or her benefit, and the former takes advantage of its superb skills with the bow and arrow, together, they can eliminate many powerful armies with ease.

Nature magic enlists the help of summoning spells, as well as strengthening spells and other natural spells. Nature’s magical woodland creatures are native to grass terrain.

Their creatures are derived from the woods, cliffs, and nests.

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