Order Town - Academy Order Creatures

Order / Academy Overview

Staying true to their traditions, the Order towns’ motives are to gain knowledge, and use it in a unique way so that their heroes can attain masterful proficiency in magic. Magic is a Mage’s strongest asset, and this lies in the spells that they have. A Lord tends to rely on his or her diplomatic and noble skills for leverage against opponents. However, this does not come in a belligerent manner, often luring the opponents creatures with either charm or gold.

Upholding their strict philosophies, ‘Orderful’ people believe that life and death is just part of the cycle, and hence they are allied with Life and Death. They perceive both Nature and Chaos to be untamed. Snow is Order’s native terrain.

Apart from their technically sound Mages and Lords, these two heroes are also capable in alchemy, and this is where a number of their more powerful creatures derive from. Creatures such as the Gold Golem, Dragon Golem, and Titan have all had part of them fused from metallurgical skills, thus making them stronger than an ordinary Golem or Giant.

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