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The True Blade

Lord Lysander gathered the remnants of the Kingdom of Erathia and formed the new Kingdom of Palaedra, but his greatest threat comes in the form of a knight who claims he is the last surviving member of the Gryphonheart line. Lysander knows in his heart that this man is lying, so he embarks on a quest accompanied by some new friends to uncover the truth of this usurper's ancestry.

Number of Maps: 5
Map Difficulties: Novice x2, Intermediate x3.
Map Sizes: M, S+U, M, S, M+U.

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Glory of Days Past

The Reckoning and endless centuries of warfare have brought the Barbarian people to the brink of extinction. Only one man dares to save them, to force them to change their ways and return to the values of ages long forgotten. If the Barbarian people are to survive, they must put their community first and return to the old ways. But can Waerjak convince them in time?

Number of Maps: 4
Map Difficulties: Intermediate x2, Advanced x2.
Map Sizes: S+U, M+U, M+U, M+U.

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The Price of Peace

Emilia goes from a glassblower's child, to the apprentice of an aging enchantress, to Queen of Great Arcan. But the Immortal King has set his eyes on her throne, and with the reluctant help of his genie servant, Solmyr, he comes up with a frighteningly horrible plan to bring peace to the entire world.

Number of Maps: 8
Map Difficulties: Intermediate x8.
Map Sizes: M, M, M+U, S+U, L+U, M, M+U, L.

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Elwin and Shaera

It is love at first sight when Elwin and Shaera meet, but there is another who loves Shaera, and he will stop at nothing to have her. Thus begins a tragic love story that thrusts the Elven nation of Aranorn into civil war and threatens to destroy all that the Elves have rebuilt since the Reckoning.

Number of Maps: 5
Map Difficulties: Intermediate x3, Advanced, Expert.
Map Sizes: M+U, M+U, M, M, L.

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Gauldoth lost everything when the world was destroyed, including must of his humanity. After a powerful spell goes wrong, it leaves Gauldoth in a state of constant contradiction. Half of his body is living, while the other half is Undead. As necessity forces Gauldoth to carve out a small portion of this new world for himself, his destiny becomes intertwined with that of a malevolent being from another realm determined to bring an end to all life in the Universe.

Number of Maps: 5
Map Difficulties: Advanced x4, Expert.
Map Sizes: S+U, M+U, M, M+U, S+U.

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A Pirate's Daughter

Surpassing her infamous father's accomplishments, Tawni Balfour embarks on a journey filled with battle and mayhem as she seizes control of the important waterways around the Gold Sea. She not only faces pirates and creatures from the bottom of the sea, but also her own dark past as she sets out to become the Pirate Queen of the Gold Sea.

Number of Maps: 5
Map Difficulties: Advanced x3, Expert x2.
Map Sizes: L, L, L+U, L+U, L+U.

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