Death Town - Necropolis Death Creatures

Death / Necropolis Overview

The Necropolis is the outlet for the deadly feelings of the world. The undead are on the quest for immortality, and they believe escaping the cycle of life and then death is the first step to immortality, and thus power and domination. They believe only the undead are truly immortal, as all living things meet their death some day.

Because of their deadly and chaotic nature, Death is allied with Chaos, who also long for control by force and power. Death is also allied with Order, as the rules and regulations upheld by the Orderful relates to those rules endorsed by the undead.

Nercomancer is the primary hero of the Necropolis town, as it has the capability to learn Necromancy, Death’s special skill very easily, and therefore use it to make their own army more powerful. The Death Knight is the other Death hero, and they too enlist in the help of necromancy one time or another, although they usually stick to their skills in combat.

The native terrain of Death is volcanic, and a few of their creatures are derived from that land. Not everything in the Necropolis is undead, the death town has its fair share of Demons and Devils, which have converged from the old Inferno of Erathia.

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