Life Town - Haven Life Creatures

Life / Haven Overview

The Haven town is closely related to the Knight town of Heroes II, and the Castle Town of Heroes III. The Haven is the only town in Heroes IV to be comprised of solely humans, and the town maintains fairness, justice, and mercy, and longs for equality within the world. While not particularly specialising in one specific area, the Haven looks to God for its powers on the battlefield, where he is omnipresent in Lifeís battles against evil, on their native terrain of grass.

The Life town is allied with both Order, exercising its lawful traits in society, and nature, having a natural balance between all forms of life.

The Priest, Havenís magic hero, focuses on beneficial spells that either protect or enhance the unitís performance. The main area of spells however, is healing, as Priests believe highly in the well-being of themselves and others. The Knight is a gallant citizen, and does his or her best to fight for the glory of God. Generally using techniques of leadership or archery to aid them.

All creatures in the Haven town have human components, the most exclusive being the almighty Ďangelí, Havenís strongest and most loyal creature.

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