Chaos Town - Asylum Chaos Creatures

Chaos / Asylum Overview

A town dominated by Warlocks and Sorcerers ever since Heroes I, the Chaotic Asylum town in Heroes IV focuses on brutal creatures and damaging direct damage spells to eliminate the opponent. Traditionally, the Chaos towns throughout the series have had high Hit Points and high attack and defense ratings, but have generally been on the slow side, and are usually more expensive than their counterparts.

The Sorcerer has a good grasp on direct damage spells, but also beneficial spells such as cat reflexes or bloodfrenzy. The thief makes a living snooping around the map, and is an apt explorer, even more so when accompanied by is creature complement, the bandit.

The chaos town has found its home in the swampy regions of Axeoth, wherein many of its creatures dwell. They are allied with the wild forces of nature, and the deadly chaos, which is the objective of the dark Nercopolis, death aligned castle. Chaos opposes order, and also the good-deed-doing pioneers of Life.

Despite dwelling in swampy regions, the Chaos town has an unparalleled assimilation with the element of fire. Sorcerer heroes are so proficient in chaos magic, that they can even become immune to fire based spells. Creatures such as the Megadragon and the Black Dragon also emit fire as a form of attack.

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