Life/Haven Magic Heroes - Priests

Priests start with Basic Life Magic and Basic Healing.

Priest hero cost in Haven is 1500 Gold.
Priest hero cost in Tavern, Preserve and Academy is 2000 Gold.
Priest hero cost in Stronghold is 2500 Gold.
Priests cannot be hired in Asylum, Stronghold and Necropolis.

Male Priests

Male Priest

Bakrus Bakrus - Human
Biography: Bakrus was once a street corner con-man who preached that the end of the world was near while picking the pockets of those who stopped to listen. Who would have guessed he would be right? The irony of the Reckoning was not lost on him, so he has dedicated his life to the priesthood.
History: New
Bloomberg Bloomberg - Human
Biography: A blow to the head as a child left Bloomberg with nightly visions, but he has not yet achieved the wisdom to understand them. Thus, he joined the clergy where his eccentric behavior is endured only because he has developed a small following who believe Bloomberg is in contact with a holy oracle.
History: New
Ingham Ingham - Human
Biography: Ingham maintained a modest monastery for most of his life, tending gardens and translating texts. He enjoyed the quiet life. But then the Reckoning destroyed everything, leaving him desperate to reclaim that peace even if it means going to war.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Cleric
Jerwall Jerwall - Human
Biography: Jerwall was a missionary who attempted to convert the orcs to the way of good. Today, his dreams are tainted by the faces of those who feared the portals to this new world and stayed behind to die. Now, he continues his missionary work by trying to educate some of the most primitive creatures of this land.
History: New
Karth Karth - Human
Biography: Karth sees conspiracies everywhere and is too tactless to keep them to himself. Once, he foolishly accused Queen Catherine of being a spy. He was immediately transferred to a border town where his paranoia might do some good, but ever since the other clergy have tried to force him out of the priesthood.
History: New
Lemmar Lemmar - Human
Biography: Lemmar might be too attractive to be a priest, but he has more female followers than any other priest. Still, he believes strongly in duty and discipline, and is unwavering on issues of morality. He doesn't even notice the doe-eyed parishioners that attend his sermons.
History: New
Michael Michael - Human
Biography: Michael doesn't like to admit it, but he is entirely too ambitious for a priest. It isn't that he lusts for power, but he sees so much corruption and ineptness around him that he feels he has to step in and take control before the priesthood collapses.
History: New
Nevon Nevon - Human
Biography: Nevon looks too young to be a priest. Perhaps he is, but no one wants to get rid of such a dedicated healer. Helping others is Nevon's obsession, but this makes people nervous. How can someone truly be that selfless?
History: New
Pirvian Pirvian - Human
Biography: Pirvian was born into wealth, but his happy childhood was marred by deep sorrow when his mother suddenly and unexpectedly died. He just wasn't a normal child after that. Ever since, Pirvian has searched for an answer to why she died, joining the priesthood to follow both a philosophical and biological path of study.
History: New
Proetho Proetho - Human
Biography: Some say Proetho is too loud and boisterous to be a priest. Not only that, he is entirely too gluttonous. He can be found at every feast - invited or not. But he is also a good man to have around, especially on the battlefield where he is a force to be reckoned with.
History: The True Blade(Original Homm4 Life Campaign). He is one of the main figures and takes part in all 6 maps of that campaign: The Drawing of the Blade, The Trials, The First Step of Many, Seeking the Steel, The Rightful Heir. IF you solve the quest and gain him, otherwise he does not appear in any map.
Rion Rion - Human
Biography: Few can stare into Rion's stern, unforgiving face and lie, so he became one of the heads of the priesthood where he oversaw the judgement of other priests who have been accused of crimes. His influence in the priesthood is strong, and any who oppose him find Rion a wily opponent.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Cleric
Virgil Virgil - Human
Biography: Virgil has a fascination with books, especially ones on history, but he has always been too poor to afford them. So, Virgil joined the priesthood where he soon read everything in the local library. Now, he travels around searching for new acquisitions for the church.
History: New

Female Priests

Female Priest

Adelaide Adelaide - Human
Biography: Adelaide's love for the snowy landscapes of her homeland seems like a contradiction to the warmth of her personality. All who know her quickly become her friend, and all who come to her for advice know that she will give them her honest opinion.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Cleric
Caitlin Caitlin - Human
Biography: Although committed to the priesthood, Caitlin is more interested in assisting the soldiers who are on the front lines of the battle against evil than long hours of study. She is an active woman who finds it difficult to sit and pray when she feels that military domination will ensure the victory of the forces of good.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Cleric
Corita Corita - Human
Biography: Corita's confidence in her convictions can seem fanatical at times. She came from a region plagued by wars during her childhood and believes that the Universe is in a constant struggle between good and evil. In her eyes, one cannot go too far in the name of good.
History: New
Dorine Dorine - Human
Biography: An unlikely priest, bubbly Dorine spent most of her life in a traveling actor's troupe. At the time, she had to memorize the plays because, like many commoners, she was illiterate. Her fascination with the written word, however, compelled her to join the priesthood so she could learn to read and write.
History: New
Isabeau Isabeau - Human
Biography: Isabeau joined the priesthood to avoid a marriage she did not want. She soon became enamored with far-off lands, so she convinced her superiors to send her away as a missionary of their faith.
History: New
Kathleen Kathleen - Human
Biography: Although Kathleen came from a large, wealthy family, she always pitied those who weren't as fortunate as her. When she was a child, she gave away all her toys to poor children, and even stole food from the kitchen. As an adult, the priesthood seemed a logical choice.
History: New
Leslie Leslie - Human
Biography: Leslie spent years at the side of a powerful and wealthy duke as his scribe. Her employer kept her around because Leslie was a good judge of character who could point out untrustworthy people. She even saved his life once when she spotted two assassins simply by passing them in a hallway.
History: New
Maureen Maureen - Human
Biography: Maureen has only recently returned to the priesthood. For years, she questioned her faith after so many were killed (her family included) by the Reckoning. Her faith still isn't as firm as it used to be, but at least Maureen can help people while she is in the priesthood.
History: New
Mirlanda Mirlanda - Human
Biography: Although Mirlanda's past was dark and violent, she always had an interest in the philosophies of good. It wasn't until the Reckoning left her severely wounded that she had the opportunity to talk to a healer on even terms. Those months of recuperation convinced her that she needed to follow another path.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Witch
Nanette Nanette - Human
Biography: Nanette made the worst mistake of her life when she let her parents talk her into joining the priesthood instead of marrying the man she loved. She has since lost contact with her love and fears that he was one of the victims of the Reckoning - although she hasn't given up hope yet.
History: New
Sanya Sanya - Human
Biography: Sanya excels in her studies - always has. She is most comfortable sitting next to a fire with a book in her hand, but if a task is set before her she confronts it without hesitation. When it comes to dealing with others, Sanya often comes off as arrogant due to her vast intellect.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Cleric
Vallia Vallia - Human
Biography: On two separate occasions, Vallia's superiors have demoted her for actions that have endangered the lives of innocents. Vallia never means any harm, but when she's battling evil (her quest in life), she becomes so focused on the enemy that she forgets everyone else.
History: New
Winifred Winifred - Human
Biography: Winifred is sort of a homebody. Before the Reckoning, she was satisfied to remain in church all day doing chores. But the times have changed. Now, there is a shortage of priests and she has been forced to step out into the world to find those in need.
History: New

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