Order Magic Spells

The powerful array of Order Spells focus on countering other spells, cursing, mind control, and illusions. Order spells are widely acclaimed to be the most effective in the game, and have the largest influence on battle, even so much as structuring an army around the success of these spells.

Displacement and Precision are good first level spells, the former great against creatures on enemy turrets, while Precision makes the early-game Halflings more potent. The strength of Order's spells are in its disabling aspect, aswell as its illusions. This is emphasised in level 2, with create illusion and cowardice, the latter can effectively take a powerful , low-hp creature out of the battle. It also has a direct damage spell in Ice Bolt, and Magic Fist, both available through Genies and Magi respectively, easing the strain on the hero.

Banish is quite a useless spell unless fighting a nature army, while forgetfulness destroys opposing elves, medusae, and other ranged tyrants. Mass Precision is again effective with Titans and Halflings, making them very powerful on turrets. Teleport is really only useful for Gold Golems, Dragon Golems and Nagas, as the others can survive without it, but it can also be used to transport slower enemies away from your army. Mass Slow is a good battle-starter, allowing you that extra turn to cast more damaging Order spells. Berserk can eliminate an enemy hero painlessly and effectively.

Phantom Image is another creature-preservation spell, though it is useless to copy a Genie, with the Dragon Golem being the most effective choice due to its speed and first strike. Order's array of 5th level spells are also very effective, lead by Steal all Enchantments against a Life, Nature, and, to an extent, Chaos army. Hypnotise always spells danger, as you can willingly destroy the rest of your opponents army and launch into a suicide attack with the creature. Pain mirror also proves effective, almost like a powerful and omni-present fire shield, though it can never kill the enemy outright.

Among Order's supremely powerful spells, perhaps only Blur is considered weak. A spellcasting Order army is extremely powerful, the only hope is eliminating the Mage hero before it does any serious damage.

Level 1

Blur Blur - 2 mana
Combat - Blessing
Blur obscures the target's true position, increasing its Ranged Defense by 50%.
A good archer has steady hands and keen eyesight. The hands are remarkably difficult to influence, unlike the eyes, which sit there at the front of the mind.
Dispel Dispel - 2 mana
Combat - Blessing/Curse
Dispel removes all spells from the target.
Deconstruction is the basis of all study. You must know a thing's parts before you can know the sum of those parts. And thus, dispelling even that which we cannot cast becomes simple.
Displacement Displacement - 2 mana
Combat - Curse
Displacement causes the target to move 2 yards in a direction of the caster's choice, if possible.
A superior enemy cannot attack you if they never come close enough to strike you. Simple physics.
Magic Fist Magic Fist - 2 mana
Combat - Curse
Damage: 22 + 2 dmg/level + Wizardry
Magic Fist does a number of points of damage based on the level of the caster to a single target within the line of sight of the caster.
A strong defense is paramount to one's survival, but battles cannot be won by defense alone. So when the time comes strike hard and fast.
Precision Precision - 2 mana
Combat - Blessing
Precision increases the target's Ranged Attack by 25%, and also gives target no penalty for range, walls or obstacles.
Firing aimlessly into the enemy is a tactic used too often by foolish commanders. Why leave to chance what you can control?
Visions Visions - 2 mana
Adventure - Informational
Visions shows you the exact number of troops in an army and reveals the skills of enemy hero.
Unfortunately, scouting reports of one's enemy are not always accurate. A set of checks and balances are necessary for victory.

Level 2

Cowardice Cowardice - 3 mana
Combat - Curse
Cowardice makes the target unable to attack an enemy with more total hit points for 3 turns.
Weaker units wisely team up against a single, stronger opponent, overwhelming them. To counter that, you must keep them off your back.
Create Illusion Create Illusion - 3 mana
Combat - Summoning
Power: 44 + 4 HP/level + Wizardry
Create Illusion forms a duplicate of the target creature with a number of hit points based on the level of the caster. // Illusions have 0 mana and 20% less defense.
If the mind believes something is real then it is real in every sense of the word - exept that it still may not have physical form.
Flight Flight - 3 mana
Combat - Blessing
Flight grants a friendly target the ability to fly until the end of the combat.
The longer a siege, the worse it is for the attacker. So, ways must be created to topple a defender. Nothing surprises them more than flying right over their walls.
Ice Bolt Ice Bolt - 3 mana
Combat - Direct Damage
Damage: 44 + 4 dmg/level + Wizardry
Ice Bolt does a number of points of cold damage based on the level of the caster to a single target within the line of sight of the caster.
Someone was needed to counteract the seering fire attacks favored by Chaos spellcasters.
Power Drain Power Drain - 3 mana
Combat - Curse
Power Drain causes the target's spells to cost double the normal spell points.
In magical battles, the conservation of mana is everything! He who can cast the last spell will be victorious.
Slow Slow - 3 mana
Combat - Curse
Slow causes the enemy target to move at half speed and movement.
When a charging enemy suddenly feels a tremendous weight on his back, he can only slow his pace to compensate even if there is nothing there to explain this unusual heaviness.
Steal Enchantment Steal Enchantment - 3 mana
Combat - Curse/Blessing
Steal Enchantment removes a beneficial spell from an enemy target and places it on a random friendly target.
Once a magical energy has been cast, it is suprisingly simple to transfer its area of focus to another.

Level 3

Banish Banish - 5 mana
Combat - Curse
Power: 121 + 11dmg/level + Wizardry
Banish destroys a number of summoned creatures based on the caster's skill.
Where do they go? There are two schools of thoughts in this area. Some believe the banished creature is cast into oblivion - dies. Other more sensible thinkers believe they simple return from whence they came.
Forgetfulness Forgetfulness - 5 mana
Combat - Curse
Forgetfulness restrains an enemy target from using ranged attacks for the duration of the combat.
Ranged troops can easily turn the tide of battle, that is, unless you take them out of the equation.
Mass Blur Mass Blur - 5 mana
Combat - Blessing
Mass Blur obscures the true position of all friendly targets, increasing their Ranged Defense by 50%.
A good archer has steady hands and keen eyesight. The hands are remarkably difficult to influence, unlike the eyes, which sit there at the front of the mind.
Mass Dispel Mass Dispel - 5 mana
Combat - Blessing/Curse
Mass Dispel removes all spells from all targets.
Efforts to increase the power of Dispel resulted in a power that, unfortunately, cannot be directed. Nonetheless, it is quite effective.
Mass Precision Mass Precision - 5 mana
Combat - Blessing
Mass Precision increases the Ranged Attack of all friendly ranged targets by 25%, and also gives the target no penalty for range, walls and obstacles.
Of course, nothing is a substitute for extensive training, but sometimes you are forced to work with inexperienced troops.
Teleport Teleport - 5 mana
Combat - Blessing/Curse
Teleport instantly moves the target to another designated point on the battlefield.
A true testiment to the power of experimentation! As a result of extensive study of the magical portals around the land, this spell was finally created, although in a limited form.
Town Gate Town Gate - 5 mana
Combat/Adventure - Blessing
Town Gate transports the caster to the nearest town.
This spell requires a predetermined destination or else the caster will become lost in the cosmos forever, and unfortunately the only safe spot is a town under your control.

Level 4

Berserk Berserk - 8 mana
Combat - Curse
Berserk forces the target to attack the nearest creature or hero, whether friend of foe. It lasts until the target attacks.
One scholar's study of anger in a Barbarian culture resulted in a fascinating discovery that proves useful in battle.
Blind Blind - 8 mana
Combat - Curse
Blind causes an enemy target whithin the line of sight of the caster to become unable to take an action for 3 rounds. It is dispelled if the target takes damage.
Creatures that never had eyes in the first place, like the troglodyte, are immune to Blind.
Mass Slow Mass Slow - 8 mana
Combat - Curse
Mass Slow causes all enemy targets to move at half speed and movement.
The muscles become like rubber and the lungs constrict to allow in far less air. The result is an enemy army that is tired, sluggish, and easier to defeat.
Phantom Image Phantom Image - 8 mana
Combat - Summoning
Power: 88 + 8 HP/level + Wizardry
Phantom Image creates a duplicate of a single creature. The strength of the image depends on the caster's level. // Illusions have 0 mana and 20% less defense.
It is just an illusion, a figment of light and imagination. But it is so thoroughly convincing that people have been known to smell it's illusionary sweat.

Level 5

Hypnotize Hypnotize - 12 mana
Combat - Curse
Hypnotize brings the target under the caster's control for 3 turns.
Our commander made a mistake and fell into a trap. Many were injured. Some were dead. Something had to be done, so I raised my hands to the sky and begged for help.
Pain Mirror Pain Mirror - 12 mana
Combat - Offensive Blessing
Pain Mirror causes 50% of the damage done to a friendly target to be done to the attacker as well. The reflected damage cannot exceed the hit points of the target.
Efforts to turn all damage back to it's origin failed, so we had to settle on a sort of balanced retribution… for now.
Steal All Enchantments Steal All Enchantments - 12 mana
Combat - Blessing/Curse
Steal All Enchantments causes all beneficial enchantments on enemy targets to be removed and distributed randomly among friendly targets.
With a single spell, we canassure that our forces have advantage over our enemy. Now, that is the model of efficiency!

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