Order/Academy Might Heroes - Lords

Lords start with Basic Nobility and Basic Estates.

Lord hero cost in Academy is 1500 Gold.
Lord hero cost in Tavern, Haven and Necropolis is 2000 Gold.
Lord hero cost in Stronghold is 2500 Gold.
Lords cannot be hired in Preserve and Asylum.

Male Lords

Male Lord

Alem Alem - Genie
Biography: Alem is a stranger in this time, having just recently been released from the bottle that was his silent prison for ten thousand years. He's still attempting to adjust to this new world with all its strange cultures. Those who know him find him old-fashioned and sometimes naive.
History: New
Davius Davius - Human
Biography: Even though his father was of noble blood, some farmers had more gold to rub together. Davius knows what it's like to be poor. He didn't like it. Miserly, thrifty, cheap - call him what you will. Many don't realize that his efforts to save money only improves the economy in the long run.
History: New
Fafner Fafner - Genie
Biography: Fafner is not a true genie, but a scholar who wished for a genie's immortality and was instantly changed. He remains among humans since he is not easily accepted among genies. Over the years, he has accumulated enough wealth to buy his way into high society.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Genie Alchemist
Grum Grum - Dwarf
Biography: Grum first earned his notoriety as a mine foreman who was willing to go anywhere for a new find. His miners dug deeper and faster than anyone because they respected their boss. After the Reckoning, Grum reluctantly accepted a position of honor as a lord since his people desperately needed good leaders.
History: New
Jubal Jubal - Genie
Biography: Jubal's thunderous voice can be heard over the loudest battle or noisiest feast - two places where he's equally comfortable. Just about his only known weakness is his sense of hospitality. Jubal can't stand being accused of being crude or stingy, so he goes out of his way to prove the opposite.
History: New
Merrox Merrox - Dwarf
Biography: Almost everyone has heard of the dwarf, Merrox. He's a living legend with at least a dozen songs written about his treasure hunting. Merrox feeds on his fame, so he is constantly seeking out new challenges just to keep his name on everyone's lips.
History: New
Nobblenot Nobblenot - Halfling
Biography: Nobblenot has been without want all his life, but managing the family fleet of riverboats just doesn't excite him. So, he turned to a life of adventure hoping to discover a meaning to his existence. That is, at least until the day when his father retires and he's forced to accept his inheritance.
History: New
Oaryn Oaryn - Halfling
Biography: Oaryn used to have a zest for life not commonly found in anyone, even halflings, but the Reckoning turned him introspective. Now, Oaryn dispenses his pessimistic gems of wisdom to any who will listen, and to some who won't.
History: New
Paulus Paulus - Human
Biography: Paulus is an aging bachelor with numerous possible suitors and a scandalous reputation. No woman has yet been able to tame him, or even keep his interest long enough to draw him away from his life of adventure.
History: New
Piquedram Piquedram - Human
Biography: Piquedram abandoned an unsuccessful career in alchemy to manage his considerable estate, and then the world blew up. He lost everything, which is why he's grumpy all the time. He's too old to be starting over and too fat to start adventuring, but what choice does he have?
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Alchemist
Ufretin Ufretin - Dwarf
Biography: Ufretin was key in convincing the dwarves to leave the leadership of the haughty and chaotic elves and seek a more organized life. Now that he is getting on in years, Ufretin has taken up the role of spokesman for his people although he probably hasn't given up adventuring yet. There's a lot of gold to be found out there.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Dwarf Ranger
Verno Verno - Halfling
Biography: Verno is often found in a tavern chatting it up with the locals. He seems to be a friend to all, but this halfling is really just keeping his keen ears open for interesting business information. A good thing, too, since much of his wealth has been gained because he knew when to raise pigs, or stockpile sulfur, or buy shares in ore mines.
History: New

Female Lords

Female Lord

Annavanta Annavanta - Human
Biography: Annavanta's family claims more than a thousand years of noble blood, so her entire life has been guided by the expectations of tradition. Since there have been kings and queens in her family tree, she believes it is her destiny to one day wear a crown and rekindle the glory of her bloodline.
History: New
Aycora Aycora - Halfling
Biography: Aycora spent much of her life in Erathia using her riches to support jousting champions. She never missed a tournament. In these dangerous times when people so rarely think about entertainment, Aycora has funded several tournaments herself in an effort to bring back the pastime she loves so much.
History: New
Danika Danika - Human
Biography: They call her Danika the Unfortunate because the forces of the universe seem to be conspiring to make her life difficult. Although these misfortunes never happen to her directly, outrageous sequences of bad luck happen around her - which is why the superstitious stay far away.
History: New
Fynelda Fynelda - Dwarf
Biography: Everyone loves Fynelda. As a leader, she has earned the loyalty and respect of her subordinates. As a person, she believes life is to be lived to the fullest. But in private, Fynelda is afraid that she will soon fall to a family curse that has claimed the lives of many of her ancestors at a very early age.
History: New
Hally Hally - Halfling
Biography: Hally is a wealthy adventurer. If no one has stepped foot into a certain dark cave, she feels compelled to go there. She's oblivious to the danger she puts herself in, which makes her troops nervous. But so far Hally's quick wit allows her to escape even the most hazardous situations.
History: New
Hedegraus Hedegraus - Dwarf
Biography: Hedegraus was chosen as treasurer for a dwarven vault since she was above reproach. No one could bribe her because she was already filthy rich, and there was no threat of embezzlement because Hedegraus always follows every rule by the book.
History: New
Iona Iona - Genie
Biography: Iona has been a leader among the genies for centuries due to her vast knowledge of politics and intrigue. Despite her charming personality, few would call her a friend because they never know for sure how she feels in return. Instead, people either respect her intelligence or fear her power.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Genie Alchemist
Neela Neela - Genie
Biography: Neela believes nothing is a substitute for intense training. She spends hours a day exercising her body, and, at night, she studies books to exercise her mind. She expects the same commitment from her people as well, but most cannot live up to her example.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Genie Alchemist
Petula Petula - Halfling
Biography: Petula lost her property in the wars before the Reckoning. She led her servants into the wilderness where she went into hiding. Later, she funded a small rebellion with gold from secret coffers, battling her enemy in the only way she knew how.
History: New
Rissa Rissa - Human
Biography: According to Rissa, the problem with people is they're lazy. They don't want to get up in the morning and work all day, so you have to give them a reason to do what they should be doing all along. That's why the world has nobles - to motivate the lazy ones to do their jobs.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Alchemist
Segwen Segwen - Dwarf
Biography: Segwen is the only child of a dwarven lord, so she tried to live up to everything that is expected of a daughter as well as a son. She learned to manage an extensive household and even studied the history of dwarven warfare, all to please the father who died in the Reckoning.
History: New
Sharah Sharah - Genie
Biography: Sharah fell in love with a human wizard once. She lived a happy life with the man, but since she is an immortal genie, she watched her beloved grow old and pass away. Now, this somber genie tries to carry on with nothing left but her memories and a wish that she too had been mortal.
History: New

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