Death Magic Spells

Death magic concentrates on cursing others and raising the dead within its own ranks. An example of these two areas are Curse and Raise Ghost. It also has a number of direct damage spells including plague and poison. Death is the opposite to Life magic, but their spell effects oppose those of Nature in reality.

The most sought-after spells in the Death magic school are Vampiric Touch, Plague, Mass Sorrow, Mass Weakness, and, against Life (primarily), Mass Cancellation. Vampiric Touch is a devastating spell against everyone except the Undead and Mechanical creatures. In melee combat especially, this spell is invaluable, but to maximise its effectiveness, cast it on a creature like the Cerberus, which has no-retaliation and attacks multiple enemies. The limitations of these spells are usually that against a Death army, they are ineffective, therefore casting Plague with a Necropolis army of Cerberi, Venom Spawns, and Devils is not advised. Mass Sorrow is a good combat-starter, and has much the same effect as Mass Misfortune.

Unfortunately, Death has among the weakest spells in the game aside from the one mentioned above. The main problem with "Raise X" spells is that the creatures do not remain after combat, making them a weaker, short-term investment. Sacrifice is also a poor spell, as when it becomes available (i.e. the endgame) weaker creatures are not present in the army to sacrifice. Other weak spells include raise skeletons, animate dead, and unholy song (except against Life).

Death Magic is a ver limited school, unable to directly attack the target with its spells and relying on the enemy being unable to dispel their incantations.

Level 1

Cancellation Cancellation - 2 mana
Combat - Curse
Cancellation removes all beneficial spells from the target.
The knights spent a full day preparing for their attack, praying, casting spells, and polishing their armor. Pointless! But at least they died in shiny armor.
Curse Curse - 2 mana
Combat - Curse
Curse causes the target to do minimum damage in combat.
May your hair fall out and grow boils on your nose, limp with the gout and lose all your clothes. A hex on you!
Disrupting Ray Disrupting Ray - 2 mana
Combat - Curse
Disrupting Ray causes the target's Melee and Ranged Defense to decrease by 20%.
I put this on a young knight once without him knowing it. He stupidly stood toe-to-toe with a skeleton thinking he could easily beat it. Boy, was he ever wrong!
Poison Poison - 2 mana
Combat - Curse/Direct Damage
Damage: 16 + 1.5 dmg/level + Demonology
Poison does damage to the target every round (starting with the current round) untill combat ends.
You have to agree , there is nothing quite as appealing as gloating over your enemy as they die ever so slowly.
Raise Skeletons Raise Skeletons - 2 mana
Combat - Summoning
Power: 11 + 1 unit/level + Demonology
Raises a number of skeletons based on the caster's level from any stack of dead creatures. The number of raised skeletons cannot exceed either the hit points or number of the creatures. All skeletons vanish after combat ends.
Otherwise, the bones go to waste, don't they?

Level 2

Animate Dead Animate Dead - 3 mana
Combat - Summoning
Power: 82 + 7.5 HP/level + Demonology
Animate Dead raises a number of creatures based on the caster's level from any stack of dead creatures. All creatures vanish after combat ends.
There is no greater way to convince your enemy that your army is invincible than tropps that refuse to stay dead.
Fatigue Fatigue - 3 mana
Combat - Curse
Fatigue causes the enemy target to move at half speed and movement.
Keep the enemy away as long as you can, and pick them off one at a time. One-on-one battle is for fools and knights!
Life Drain Life Drain - 3 mana
Combat - Direct Damage
Damage: 16 + 1.5 dmg/level + Demonology
Life Drain steals hit points from all Life and Nature targets, and then caster gains a portion of the total hit points drained.
Their life energy may be pure and tasteless, but it sure feels good!
Mire Mire - 3 mana
Adventure - Curse
Mire causes the target to move at half speed on Adventure Map during its next turn.
There is always a bigger fish, so if you run into one it is always good to have an escape plan.
Sorrow Sorrow - 3 mana
Combat - Curse
Sorrow gives the target maximum negative morale.
Why are you fighting? You have no chance of winning. You barely know how to lift a sword, much less use it! Why not give up?
Unholy Song Unholy Song - 3 mana
Combat - Curse
Unholy Song causes all Life targets to do 20% less damage and decreases their Melee and Ranged Defense by 20%.
I've seen monks try to cover their ears when they hear these haunting notes, but they just don't understant that your soul doesn't need ears to hear.
Weakness Weakness - 3 mana
Combat - Curse
Weakness causes the target to do 25% less damage in combat.
Most of those heroic types rely on their muscles to settle their problems. Sometimes, those muscles can give you problems!

Level 3

Aura of Fear Aura of Fear - 5 mana
Combat - Blessing
Aura of Fear is cast on a friendly target, so enemy opponents cannot retaliate against the friendly target's attacks unless they are immune to Death, Fear or Mind spells.
They don't understand it, but their arms go rubbery and their throats constrict. Suddenly, I am their greatest fear, I love it!
Magic Leech Magic Leech - 5 mana
Combat - Curse
Magic Leech causes any spell cast by the target to cost double the spell points. Also, the caster of Magic Leech gains 1 spell point per 2 spell points used by target.
This will make that sorcerer think twice about casting Lightning Bolt!
Mass Cancellation Mass Cancellation - 5 mana
Combat - Curse
Mass Cancellation removes all beneficial spells from all enemy targets.
Their leader was cutting through my troops with his glowing sword. He was so laden with enchantments that we couldn't touch him. And then my necromancer finally joined the fray.
Mass Curse Mass Curse - 5 mana
Combat - Curse
Mass Curse causes all enemy targets to do minimum damage.
They ran me out like some common crook! They hit me with rocks, and spat on me. How dare they? Well, they'll pay. They'll ALL pay!
Plague Plague - 5 mana
Combat - Curse/Direct Damage
Damage: 16 + 1.5 dmg/level + Demonology
Plague causes all targets on the Combat Map, friend or foe, to come down with a deadly damaging disease. It has no effect on non-living or Death targets.
Sickness always cripples an army, unless that army is already dead.
Raise Ghost Raise Ghost - 5 mana
Combat - Summoning
Power: 6 + 0.25 units/demonology
Raises a number of ghosts based on the caster's level from any stack of dead creatures. The number of raised ghosts cannot exceed either the hit points or number of the creatures. All ghosts vanish after combat ends.
Trap their spirits to fight for you before they can flee the battlefield.

Level 4

Death Call Death Call - 8 mana
Combat - Summoning
Power: 99 + 9hp/level + Demonology
Death Call targets a friendly or enemy target with dead creature, raising a number of creature based on the level of the caster. These raised creatures are placed under the control of the caster and vanish after combat.
The Undead attacked us from the rear! But only our own dead were behind us…
Mass Sorrow Mass Sorrow - 8 mana
Combat - Curse
Mass Sorrow causes all enemy targets to have maximum negative morale.
I was on a wall when sieging army threw down their weapons and turned away. Some of them were weeping. The battle was over - for them.
Mass Weakness Mass Weakness - 8 mana
Combat - Curse
Mass Weakness causes all enemy targets to do 25% less damage in combat.
Endurance and strength are important in battle. The army that weakens first usually loses. I just help it along a little.
Vampiric Touch Vampiric Touch - 8 mana
Combat - Blessing
Vampiric Touch cause a friendly target to gain 1 hit point for every 2 hit points of damage they inflict.
Everyone loves vampires, and sometimes they want to know what's it's like to be one.

Level 5

Hand of Death Hand of Death - 12 mana
Combat - Direct Damage
Power: 1 + 0.0625 units/level + Demonology
Hand of Death instantly kills a number of opponents based on the level of the caster. The target must be within the line of sight of the caster.
What does it feel like when my hand closes tightly around your heart? It tries to beat, but your heart is under my control now!
Raise Vampires Raise Vampires - 12 mana
Combat - Summoning
Power: 2 + 0.1 units/level + Demonology
Raises a number of vampires based on the caster's level from any stack of dead creatures. Raised vampires cannot exceed the total hit points or number of the dead creatures. Vampires vanish after the battle.
There's too much blood in the world anyway!
Sacrifice Sacrifice - 12 mana
Combat - Blessing
First, Sacrifice destroys a friendly creature. Then the caster selects a second friendly target who will recover twice the hit points of the destroyed creature.
The lives of my troops are there for taking, to be used how I best see fit.

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