TroglodyteHealth: 5Attack: 4Shots: noneMovement: ground
50 gold (14)Hex size: 1Defence: 3Dmg: 1-3Spd: 4 (extra slow)
Special: immune to blind spell.
Average level 1 creature. Strongly affected by bless and curse.
Infernal Troglodyte
Infernal TroglodyteHealth: 6Attack: 5Shots: noneMovement: ground
65 gold (14)Hex size: 1Defence: 4Dmg: 1-3Spd: 5 (slow)
Special: immune to blind spell.
Upgrade is expensive but quite reasonable. Damage range is still huge.
HarpyHealth: 14Attack: 6Shots: noneMovement: flying
130 gold (8)Hex size: 1Defence: 5Dmg: 1-4Spd: 6 (swift)
Special: return to the hex they started from after an attack.
Quite a weak creature with huge damage range (bless and curse do well), but the abbility is very unique, not very useful before the upgrade though. Once enemy stack has used up their retaliation, it's harpy time! ;)
Harpy Hag
Harpy HagHealth: 14Attack: 6Shots: noneMovement: flying
170 gold (8)Hex size: 1Defence: 6Dmg: 1-4Spd: 9 (ultra swift)
Special: return to the hex they started from after an attack, no enemy retaliation.
Great upgrade. Now you can annoy your enemies from 9 hexes away, like from the other side of castle walls without loosing any harpy hags. Take note that both harpies and harpy hags retreat back when attacking shooters, so sometimes it's better to move close without attacking to prevent the more powerful range attacks.
BeholderHealth: 22Attack: 9Shots: 12Movement: ground
250 gold (7)Hex size: 1Defence: 7Dmg: 3-5Spd: 5 (slow)
Special: no hand-to-hand penalty.
Good shooter, plenty of hit points and no fear of close combat.
Evil Eye
Evil EyeHealth: 22Attack: 10Shots: 24Movement: ground
280 gold (7)Hex size: 1Defence: 8Dmg: 3-5Spd: 7 (extra swift)
Special: no hand-to-hand penalty.
Little all-around upgrade. Evil eyes make a good shooter unit and they don't die as quick as most low level shooters.
MedusaHealth: 25Attack: 9Shots: 4Movement: ground
300 gold (4)Hex size: 2Defence: 9Dmg: 6-8Spd: 5 (slow)
Special: no hand-to-hand penalty, hand-to-hand attacks have 20% chance to turn enemies to stone: 3 rounds, take 50% damage, unstoned when attacked.
Very good creature, would be a better deal than beholder if had more than 4 shots... Keep an ammo cart handy and if your enemy has medusas, make sure it's the first machine you destroy. But when their shots run out, they still make great fighters with the stoning abbility, no match for basilisks though.
Medusa Queen
Medusa QueenHealth: 30Attack: 10Shots: 8Movement: ground
330 gold (4)Hex size: 2Defence: 10Dmg: 6-8Spd: 6 (swift)
Special: no hand-to-hand penalty, hand-to-hand attacks have 20% chance to turn enemies to stone: 3 rounds, take 50% damage, unstoned when attacked.
Definitely worth upgrading: double shots, extra health and other minor upgrades for only 30 gold. Medusa queens and evil eyes make a good shooting combo together, especially at such early levels.
MinotaurHealth: 50Attack: 14Shots: noneMovement: ground
500 gold (3)Hex size: 1Defence: 12Dmg: 12-20Spd: 6 (swift)
Special: minotaur's morale is never below 1.
Good level 5 fighter with a reasonable price. Minotaur's strategy is pretty simple: just go and smash, although a little blessing would be very useful. With the moral bonus, there's always a hope for a second turn.
Minotaur King
Minotaur KingHealth: 50Attack: 15Shots: noneMovement: ground
575 gold (3)Hex size: 1Defence: 15Dmg: 12-20Spd: 8 (very swift)
Special: minotaur's morale is never below 1.
Good upgrade: 2 extra speed and much better defence rating. Smash strategy remains.
ManticoreHealth: 80Attack: 15Shots: noneMovement: flying
850 gold (2)Hex size: 2Defence: 13Dmg: 14-20Spd: 7 (extra swift)
The only dungeon creature without a special abbility, manticores are below-average for level 6 and lack hit points.
ScorpicoreHealth: 80Attack: 16Shots: noneMovement: flying
1050 gold (2)Hex size: 2Defence: 14Dmg: 14-20Spd: 11 (quick)
Special: 20% chance to paralyze: take 50% damage, unparalyzed after 3 rounds or when attacked.
Is there any actual difference between stoning and paralyzing? Hmmm... 200 gold for paralyzing, speed and 2 combat points... Scorpicores are a bit too expensive and 80 hit points is not enough - that's what happens when you breed a lion-bat-scorpion.
Red Dragon
Red DragonHealth: 180Attack: 19Shots: noneMovement: flying
2500g+1s (1)Hex size: 2Defence: 19Dmg: 40-50Spd: 11 (quick)
Special: immune to spells level 1-3.
Stronger than green dragon, but otherways a dragon like any other.
Black Dragon
Black DragonHealth: 300Attack: 25Shots: noneMovement: flying
4000g+2s (1)Hex size: 2Defence: 25Dmg: 40-50Spd: 15 (super quick)
Special: immune to all spells, 150% damage to giants and titans.
Little trick: titans do 150% damage to black dragons, but giants don't, so if you attack some giants, there's a definite bonus! Stronger than gold dragon, but not than archangel. Great for armageddon casters. Black dragons are terror of those heroes who have chosen magic over might, although there is one artifact that can break black dragon's spell immunity.