Location for storing troops at a choke point.

+ 5 Sea mobility for your ships for each lighthouse you own.

Purchase a ship.

+ 6 movement each day until the end of the week.
Cavaliers are automatically upgraded to Champions.
Subterranean Gate

Entering the Subterranean Gate leads to the Underground Map, if any.

Teleports hero to another whirlpool at the cost of 50% of the weakest troop in the hero's army.
Border Guard

Usually placed at choke points, a hero must visit a Keymaster's tent of the associated color for the password.
Keymaster Tent

For a hero to pass a Border Guard, the hero must visit the Keymaster's tent of the associated color. (No more having to write the password down).
The Border Guards are shown below with their respective Keymaster Tents:

Monolith One Way Entrance

Teleports hero one way to a specific map location.
Monolith One Way Exit

Exit point for a hero teleporting through a one way entrance.
Monolith One Way entrances are shown below along with Monolith One Way Exits:

Monolith Two Way

Teleports a hero to another two way monolith, with the ability to return to the gate of origin.
The Monolith Two Way are shown below:

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