Nature/Preserve Magic Heroes - Druids

Druids start with Basic Nature Magic and Basic Herbalism.

Druid hero cost in Preserve is 1500 Gold.
Druid hero cost in Tavern, Haven and Asylum is 2000 Gold.
Druids cannot be hired in Necropolis, Stronghold and Academy.

Male Druids

Male Druid

Aeris Aeris - Elf
Biography: Aeris is an excellent animal handler and one of the few elves who will admit that he likes this new world better than the last. For him, there is no better feeling than exploring the wild, untouched land and going where no one has tread before.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Elven Druid
Braebar Braebar - Human
Biography: Braebar is part of a growing number of druids who believe they shouldn't sit around waiting for others to attack. Defending your home is fine, but that only attracts others with less morals to attack you. Instead, he thinks the elven nation should strike first and hardest.
History: New
Brook Brook - Elf
Biography: Brook is an artist who manipulates nature itself to create works of beauty. But he usually makes his pieces somewhere off the beaten path where they are rarely discovered. He's a humble druid who always seems distracted by some inner thought.
History: New
Coronius Coronius - Human
Biography: Coronius searched a long time for a form of magic that fit his impulsive style. Although wise and thoughtful, he believes that, like the animals, people were meant to rely more on intuition and instinct to survive and wonders if this is not the way to a perfect society.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Human Druid
Derden Derden - Human
Biography: Derden began his career as a monk, but then he noticed that all things seemed connected in the natural world. This appealed to him. His transition from monk to druid was so gradual, however, that he cannot recall the day he became a man of the woods.
History: New
Elleshar Elleshar - Human
Biography: Elleshar is a rugged woodsman who seldom jokes. He believes in hard work and self reliance, and considers his duty to protect the natural world paramount to everything. So, he has committed himself to what he calls 'the endless battle against those who would spoil the natural order'.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Human Druid
Farnivon Farnivon - Elf
Biography: Whenever a liaison with sprites is needed, carefree Farnivon is called because few people have the patience to put up with their practical jokes. For those who know Farnivon best, they have noticed that he is becoming more and more like the creatures he loves with each passing day.
History: New
Gathran Gathran - Elf
Biography: Nature is both beautiful and cruel. That is a druid's first lesson. For Gathran, it became his motto. He sees glory in a forest fire, or in that split second when a hawk crushes a mouse in its talons. That, is life!
History: New
Gue Gue - Human
Biography: Gue is a serene, intelligent man - the kind others come to for advice. So many have come to him over the years, in fact, that he has started composing a book of his ideals, including suggestions for how to live a happy life.
History: New
Iscandel Iscandel - Elf
Biography: Iscandel is an ambitious young druid with dreams of becoming the youngest member of the druid ruling council. He feels it is his calling, and everything that he does is in preparation for the day when he will sit highest among the other leaders and guide his people to glory.
History: New
Kaliki Kaliki - Elf
Biography: Kaliki is a hunter and druid toughened by the harsh, frozen environment of his native land. He despises any form of weakness. Where he comes from, weakness means death, and for that reason Kaliki rarely depends on others. A loner he may be, but you'll never have a stronger ally.
History: New
Lowell Lowell - Human
Biography: Lowell is highly respected for his vast intellect, but the cost of this wisdom is his obsessive desire to be left alone with his studies. Like a hermit, he spends weeks at a time in the woods hunting for knowledge instead of food. According to Lowell, there is no higher pursuit.
History: New
Yesterfox Yesterfox - Elf
Biography: This private elf sometimes works as a spy because intrigue and lies come naturally to Yesterfox. Fortunately, his efforts are for the benefit of his people alone. He rarely stays anywhere for long, and never attracts attention to himself, choosing instead to be like a subtle breeze in the forest - quiet and unnoticed.
History: New

Female Druids

Female Druid

Aleta Aleta - Human
Biography: Aleta was blind from birth, so she learned to adapt to the darkness and revel in the sounds and smells of the forest. One day, a druid discovered her blindness was the trick of a cruel fairy and cured her. Aleta was so grateful she became a druid too, but she still listens to the wilderness with her eyes closed.
History: New
Arebell Arebell - Elf
Biography: Arebell is fascinated by foreign people and cultures, so she travels endlessly to satisfy her interest in their different customs. This nomadic lifestyle has left her with no place to call home and few friends, so the Reckoning really didn't change Arebell's life much.
History: New
Eleece Eleece - Human
Biography: Becoming a druid was an obvious life choice for Eleece, who is more at home in her garden than anywhere else. She can get just about anything to grow and is legendary for the beauty of her roses.
History: New
Gem Gem - Human
Biography: Even though Gem was at the center of over eighty years of wars and conflicts, she remained young and beautiful thanks to the waters of a special fountain. With the destruction of the old world, she no longer has access to those magical waters and is beginning to age normally again - something she desperately wants to avoid.
History: Since Strategic Quest (Homm1), Succession Wars (Homm2 + PoL) Human Sorceress and Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 + AB) Human Druid (SoD - Human Sorceress, later - Druid)
Labetha Labetha - Human
Biography: Labetha is an earthy, straightforward woman. Although she spent some time away from elven society fighting in foreign wars, she has returned to the people who raised her to help them recover from the tragedy of the Reckoning.
History: New
Melodia Melodia - Elf
Biography: Melodia's emotions can be as flighty as a sprite's. In fact, she falls in and out of love so quickly that she has left dozens of heartbroken men behind pining for her attention. She doesn't mean to hurt them though. She would continue to love them if she could, but she just wasn't born that way.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Elven Druid
Oris Oris - Human
Biography: Oris's tribe was destroyed by her own king, Kilgor, shortly before the Reckoning. Turning her back on the mindless cruelty of the Barbarian people, this brave woman embarked on a personal quest to find a greater meaning in the world, and she thinks she has found it in the study of Nature.
History: Since Restoration of Ertahia (Homm3 All parts) Human Barbarian
Regina Regina - Human
Biography: Regina's father perished in the Reckoning while saving his children. Deeply distraught over this loss, Regina spent many years in mourning. Then one of her older sisters encouraged her to make their father proud by becoming the best druid in the elven nation.
History: New
Saleena Saleena - Human
Biography: Saleena spent much of her life taming horses and other animals as mounts, but when she became a druid she realized that she was destroying something beautiful by suppressing the independence of those wild creatures. Today, she focuses on setting all caged animals free.
History: New
Sannah Sannah - Human
Biography: Many who have traveled with Sannah claim she is a pleasure to be around. In a few short minutes, she makes you feel better about yourself. Apparently, her charm is an unconscious trait, because she is always surprised when someone falls in love with her - and saddened because she has never been in love herself.
History: New
Tonwen Tonwen - Elf
Biography: Tonwen was brought up in a sacred place by fanatical parents who believed she would one day bring peace to the world. During the Reckoning, it became clear to them that she wasn't a holy child, so her parents abandoned her. Tonwen survived, and today she loves being just a normal woman.
History: New
Vianne Vianne - Human
Biography: Vianne refuses to talk about herself or anything from her past, and she gets upset if anyone asks. Despite her secretive nature, she is a talented druid who works well with others. She dreams of becoming an instructor one day and teaching young druids how to control their magic.
History: New

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