Death/Necropolis Might Heroes - Death Knights

Death Knights start with Basic Tactics and Basic Offense.

Death Knight hero cost in Necropolis is 1500 Gold.
Death Knight hero cost in Tavern, Academy and Asylum is 2000 Gold.
Death Knight hero cost in Stronghold is 2500 Gold.
Death Knights cannot be hired in Haven and Preserve.

Male Death Knights

Male Death Knight

Aglion Aglion - Human
Biography: Aglion's demon master raised him to be the perfect warrior. His life, even his personality, is centered on war, killing, and victory. Losing is not acceptable! Even though the demon who ruled him is now dead, Aglion continues on the violent path he was set upon at birth.
History: New
Arkenvoss Arkenvoss - Zombie
Biography: Arkenvoss is an ancient zombie death knight from a time when his master dominated the world. However, centuries of memories tend to blend together in his undead mind, so his origin is clouded in the fog of the past. All he knows is he's waiting for the day when his master returns to this world.
History: New
Calh Calh - Demon
Biography: Calh knows when to abandon a sinking ship, and the disastrous performance of the Kreegans in the years prior to the Reckoning was a big sign of things to come. So, this intelligent military leader was one of the first demons to slip into the new world where he could carve out a little piece for himself.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Demon Demoniac
Gargareen Gargareen - Demon
Biography: Politically crafty as well as a fearless death knight, Gargareen is more interested in gaining power over his kind and rebuilding the Kreegan empire than attaining meaningless concepts such as glory. He keeps a list somewhere of the demons who need to be eradicated before he can accomplish this goal.
History: New
Grok Grok - Demon
Biography: Grok used to be a lesser demon, a plain warrior. He never considered himself smart enough to rule anyway. As far as he was concerned, any day that he survived through to the end was a good day. Now that the Kreegan empire has crumbled, he's on his own, which is the way he likes it.
History: New
Harkenraz Harkenraz - Demon
Biography: Imperious Harkenraz is proud of his skills as a death knight and enjoys nothing more than one-on-one contests with other heroes known for their fighting ability. He's even slain his fellow demons on occasion, which has made him feared and unpopular among his own kind.
History: New
Jarvis Jarvis - Human
Biography: At first glance, this clean-cut, well-mannered man appears to be an average knight, but a dark heart dwells within that handsome exterior. Jarvis is one of the most depraved men alive. Nothing is sacred to him, and with each passing day he sinks further and further into his darkest thoughts.
History: New
Malustar Malustar - Demon
Biography: Malustar is an ancient demon born near the dawn of time. The name he gives everyone is not the one he was born with, for that name is unpronounceable. He has come here from another realm with the sole purpose of dragging his kind back from the brink of extinction.
History: New
Moander Moander - Lich
Biography: Most liches become powerful spellcasters, but Moander was a fallen knight in his previous life. He loved military life. So, this charismatic leader turned away from magic to spend eternity enjoying the intricacies of battle - the strategy, the victory, and, of course, the death.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Lich Death Knight
Panur Panur - Human
Biography: Panur is often judgmental about the level of incompetence among his fellow demons, and has been known to eradicate those who fail him. He's a thinking warrior, which doesn't mean he's weak. In battle there are few as fierce as Panur the Cleaver.
History: New
Straker Straker - Zombie
Biography: Straker used to be a handsome man who sought to keep his looks by becoming immortal. But he was duped into serving a lich and in return was transformed into a zombie servant instead. Now, he takes out his hatred of his own reflection on the bodies of his enemies.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Zombie Death Knight
Varduum Varduum - Zombie
Biography: Varduum was a common soldier until his death. Then a necromancer raised him and crafted him to be the perfect undead warrior. But Varduum turned out to be cruel and treacherous, and killed his master at the first opportunity.
History: New
Xerxon Xerxon - Human
Biography: Ever since his youth, Xerxon has been a sadistic bully. He takes great pleasure in tormenting and hurting those around him, and he is never so happy as he is in the middle of battle. He is a death knight by trade, but he will not serve an employer for long during times of peace.
History: New

Female Death Knights

Female Death Knight

Charna Charna - Human
Biography: Charna was born with a dark heart. She has never felt compassion for another creature, and love is a myth as far as she is concerned. So, free of a conscience, she has been able to do things that even some demons balk at. When no one else will do the job, Charna is your woman.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Death Knight
Docata Docata - Human
Biography: After the Kreegans conquered her home, Docata was selected by their commander, Malustar, to become his servant and student. She learned well, and performs her duties with all the emotion of a golem. Even other demons fear Docata's blank stare, while others wonder what kind of woman lies beneath the armor she will never remove.
History: New
Fiona Fiona - Human
Biography: When the Kreegan empire crumbled after the Reckoning, Fiona made an attempt to return to human society here in the new world. Only a few months later, this harsh woman was running from the law. Now, she accepts the fact that she will never fight with her people again.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Demoniac
Luna Luna - Vampire
Biography: It's needless to speculate whether Luna was insane before or after she became a vampire. She doesn't even know. But her madness is her strength since few are as unpredictable as Luna in battle. Unfortunately, this means she can't be trusted entirely either.
History: Since Strategic Quest (Homm1), Succession Wars (Homm2 + POL) Human Sorceress and Armageddon's Blade (Homm3 AB + SoD) Human Elementalist
Oddrema Oddrema - Demon
Biography: Name your price and the person you want dead. Oddrema is the one to hire when you want someone to disappear. This sultry demon is so good at her job, in fact, that when you try to hire her you can't be wholly certain that she isn't on the job at that moment - coming for you.
History: New
Rahjuu Rahjuu - Demon
Biography: Silent, calm Rahjuu is known as the master of the hidden weapon. She is never unarmed, even if she is naked. Many have died when they let their guard down because they thought Rahjuu was harmless. The smart ones know she is never harmless.
History: New
Reeva Reeva - Vampire
Biography: Reeva is a vampire who specializes in feeding from young men. It's so easy to play innocent and weak, and when they let their guard down bite them before they realize their mistake. When she has someone trapped, however, she enjoys playing a little cat-and-mouse before she eats.
History: New
Shriek Shriek - Zombie
Biography: Shriek is more a force for death than a real death knight. She seeks combat for the pleasure of watching a victim's eyes as the life ebbs from them, and she rarely leaves the battlefield until she is certain that the life has been driven from all of her enemies.
History: New
Tamika Tamika - Vampire
Biography: As a lesser vampire, Tamika didn't have enough influence to lead the other undead, so she fought her way to the top. But the Reckoning cheated her of everything she had gained over the years. For a brief time she had the sort of life she always wanted, and nothing will stop her from getting it back.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Vampire Death Knight
Vilexica Vilexica - Human
Biography: Vilexica believes it is just as important to look good in battle as it is to know how to kill properly. Her armor is always elaborate, her weapons more so - all in a menacing way. Throw in her flowery way of speaking and she is a sight to see - if not a little confusing to her enemies.
History: New
Winsela Winsela - Zombie
Biography: In life, Winsela was a knight obsessed with destroying the undead. She earned quite a reputation, too. Then a group of powerful liches and vampires teamed up against her, killed her, and made her one of their own, turning their greatest enemy into their most dangerous ally.
History: New
Yott Yott - Zombie
Biography: Yott would say her story is a tragic one. She was part of a powerful sorcerer's harem, but when he delved into the dark arts of necromancy he turned his entire household into zombies. With her life and beauty long gone, Yott fled, taking up a sword to make a place for herself in this harsh world.
History: New

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