Death/Necropolis Might Heroes - Necromancers

Necromancers start with Basic Death Magic and Basic Occultism.

Necromancer hero cost in Necropolis is 1500 Gold.
Necromancer hero cost in Tavern, Academy and Asylum is 2000 Gold.
Necromancers cannot be hired in Haven, Stronghold and Preserve.

Male Necromancers

Male Necromancer

Archilus Archilus - Vampire
Biography: Archilus was once a very wealthy man, but he spent it all capturing a powerful vampire and forcing it to make him one of the undead. When he was through, he cast the vampire who sired him into the sunlight. Now, this cold and patient man has an eternity to reclaim his wealth.
History: New
Ayden Ayden - Human
Biography: Ayden embraced Kreegan rule and trusted that they would dominate the world, but the demons failed. Now, this furious and ambitious spellcaster has severed all previous loyalties. The time has come for him to do things his way and seize control for himself.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Heretic
Draezerak Draezerak - Demon
Biography: Before Draezerak took up necromancy, he specialized in instigating wars. The right words at the right time and he could even goad two loving brothers into a brutal conflict. Many assume he has retired from such manipulations, but when asked, Draezerak only smiles.
History: New
Endan Endan - Zombie
Biography: Endan was once one of Erathia's wisest sages, but in an attempt to understand the enemy he delved too deeply into the secrets of necromancy and the undead. Before he knew it, he had transformed himself into a powerful zombie and forever became an enemy of the living.
History: New
Hastner Hastner - Human
Biography: Pale as the undead himself, Hastner is actually a human who rarely sees the sunlight and also practices regular leeching. For Hastner, necromancy has always been a way to raise troops that don't complain and will do whatever you command them to do - even if it's suicide.
History: New
Harkenraz Harkenraz - Demon
Biography: Imperious Harkenraz is proud of his skills as a Necromancer and enjoys nothing more than one-on-one contests with other heroes known for their fighting ability. He's even slain his fellow demons on occasion, which has made him feared and unpopular among his own kind.
History: New
Hexx Hexx - Demon
Biography: Hexx has always been incapable of dominating his fellow demons physically, so for the longest time he was forced to do the jobs no one else wanted. After the Reckoning, many demons shied away from necromancy. Not Hexx. This was his chance to gain power, and his chance for revenge.
History: New
Kurtos Kurtos - Zombie
Biography: As a child, Kurtos was fascinated with death. He quickly learned how to kill all sorts of things, and realized that with a little coaxing they would come back again. For a long time he hid his morbid hobby, at least until his interest culminated when he transformed himself into one of the undead.
History: New
Mezizto Mezizto - Human
Biography: Like many before him, Mezizto seeks immortality through necromancy. But he is not interested in spending eternity as a disgusting lich or pathetic vampire. He believes that if he can uncover the secrets of death, then he will discover a way to avoid it forever.
History: New
Norticus Norticus - Lich
Biography: Long ago, Norticus ruled a grand kingdom with his wife, Baenefa, but as they grew older his beloved begged him to do something. Using all the wealth of his kingdom, Norticus transformed them both into liches. They lost their thrones, and each other, as a result.
History: New
Paskovich Paskovich - Vampire
Biography: It was probably one of Paskovich's twisted experiments that turned him into a vampire. One thing is certain, he wasn't always a necromancer, but more likely a mage since he still has a fascination with the secrets of the transformation of metals.
History: New
Rab Rab - Vampire
Biography: Perhaps Rab's necromantic abilities are innate because his mind doesn't seem stable enough to work magic. As a young man, a rabid wolf mauled him. He was left untreated and went mad. Soon after, a chance encounter with a vampire left him undead but still not cured.
History: New
Sandro Sandro - Lich
Biography: Sandro's instinct to survive is almost as strong as his tireless ambition. His network of power in the old world was destroyed by the Reckoning, so now he has to start all over. Unfortunately, many of his old allies perished as well. But no one can say Sandro isn't up to the challenge.
History: Since Strategic Quest (Homm1) Lich Warlock, Succession Wars (Homm2 + POL) and Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Lich Necromancer
Sark Sark - Demon
Biography: Sark spent a thousand years as a 'tempter', a demon who magically assumes human form to recruit suitable people to his cause. He was good at it too. Now, this charming demon seeks more power through the study of necromancy. As he says, "Death is no longer a means of escape!"
History: New

Female Necromancers

Female Necromancer

Aislinn Aislinn - Lich
Biography: Aislinn has an uncommon connection to the earth. Any time she becomes separated from it, she begins to feel uncomfortable - which is why she brings a bag of fresh soil with her everywhere she goes. Aislinn believes the worms and decay within the dirt actually talk to her.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Vampire (!) Necromancer
Ash Ash - Demon
Biography: This demoness took the name Ash to remind all who oppose her what becomes of her enemies. Since her kind is dwindling in numbers, she has taken up a new kind of magic to assure her survival and abandoned all hope for the Kreegan plan of domination.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Demon Heretic
Baenefa Baenefa - Lich
Biography: Baenefa has been a lich for so long that she is unable to remember her life as a human, except that when she was alive she was married to Norticus. Now, she feels nothing for him and only desires a kingdom of her own.
History: New
Castrata Castrata - Demon
Biography: Castrata is a collector of rare and ancient torture devices as well as the written confessions of interrogation victims. That is her hobby. Necromancy is her talent. She hopes that some day someone like her will collect the new devices she has been inventing.
History: New
Damala Damala - Elf
Biography: Damala was eleven when a fireball from a nearby volcano set her family home on fire. Her family burned right before her eyes and she suffered injuries over most of her body, but oddly a demon pulled her from the flames. Today, Damala serves the demons with undying loyalty.
History: New
Felina Felina - Demon
Biography: Felina is a young demon, wild and irresponsible. She rarely thinks about the consequences of her actions. Or perhaps she simply doesn't care? She does what feels good, and as far as she is concerned that is all that matters.
History: New
Hsine Hsine - Demon
Biography: Hsine (the 'H' is silent) despises the undead and would have nothing to do with them except her superiors have forced her to become a necromancer. To spite them, she has become far better than they expected, but Hsine is still unpleasant to be around - especially if you're undead.
History: New
Jessika Jessika - Lich
Biography: An obsessive desire to keep her beauty naively led Jessika to necromancy. She used her magic to stop the aging process and ultimately turned herself into a lich. Meanwhile, her mind sunk into darkness to the point where she still believes she is alive and gorgeous no matter what reflection she sees in the mirror.
History: New
Lamentia Lamentia - Human
Biography: As part of an experiment, Lamentia was conceived during her father's transformation from human to lich. Expectedly, she was born with a natural talent for necromancy as well as haunting eyes that can tear into your soul. So far, she has expressed no interest in becoming a lich herself.
History: New
Masqua Masqua - Demon
Biography: Masqua has a theory that necromancy holds the secret to world domination, that somewhere within the power of this evil magic is a spell that can raise every being that has ever died throughout time. This is her secret quest.
History: New
Thessa Thessa - Lich
Biography: Shortly before the Reckoning, Thessa was jailed for grave robbing and mutilating the dead. When a wildfire threatened to consume the prison, her captors simply watched her burn. Using her powers, Thessa forced her soul back into her charred body and was reborn as a lich.
History: New
Vidomina Vidomina - Human
Biography: Vidomina was a brilliant noblewoman who practiced a career in alchemy until she was banished when it was discovered that she was experimenting with reanimating dead flesh. That experience turned this scientific woman into the vindictive necromancer she is today.
History: Since Restoration of Erathia (Homm3 All Parts) Human Necromancer
Yxia Yxia - Demon
Biography: Yxia was one of the first demons to embrace necromancy. She took to it easily because she has always had a morbid fascination with death. For one who is immortal, death is an oddity she can't quite understand. So, what better way to learn about death than to surround yourself with it?
History: New

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