Movement Sequence

Organizing Armies:
Splitting: At the start of your Movement Sequence, if you wish, you may split any Army Stack you control into smaller Armies. Each player may only control 4 Armies at a time, so you will have to manage these splits closely. To do so, simply take any number of Unit and/or Hero Cards from one of your Army Stacks and place it in a new Army Stack.

If there is a Hero in an Army Stack, the Hero must be on the top. If not, place the Unit Card with the highest Movement Score on top of the Stack. Next, place a new Army Marker on top of that stack, and the matching Army Marker on the Map in the same space as the other Army Marker.

Forming Up: If you have Unit Cards under a Town Card that you control, you may make a new Army Stack with some or all of those Unit Cards. To do so, place them in a new stack, with a new Army Marker on top of it. Place the matching Army Marker on the Map in the same space as the Town that the Unit Cards previously occupied.

Joining: When two of your Army Stacks occupy the same space, they may trade units between them, join to form a single Army Stack, or trade Artifacts between their Heroes. Performing any of these collaborative actions, however, ends the movement sequence for both Army Stacks. The only exception is that if they are in the same space with an enemy Army Stack or a Guard Stack (see section to follow) they may join together and attack that enemy Army or Guard Stack.

Movement Points & Terrain:
Next, you may move any or all armies you control. Look at the top card of each of your Army Stacks, and find its Hex Speed Score. This is the number of Movement Points (MPs) the Army Stack can spend each turn. To move an Army, simply move the marker on the map that matches the Army Marker on top of your Army Stack. Each space on the map has a certain terrain type in it.

Below is a copy of the Master Terrain Key so you can see what type of terrain a particular hex is filled with. The number in parentheses is the number of movement points it takes for an Army Stack to move into a space with that type of terrain. If there is an X instead of a number, the particular terrain type is impassible. An Army stack can move as many spaces as it wishes until it runs out of movement points. Then it must stay there until next turn. On its next turn, it will have a full complement of movement points to spend once again.

Master Terrain Key

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