Here are some advanced rules for more experienced players.


Morale is a measure of a unit’s belief in their cause, and willingness to fight hard enough to win a tough battle. In game terms, all units are assumed to have a 0 (neutral) morale, unless some skill, spell, artifact, or terrain effect changes it. Such factors can alter the unit’s morale between +5 (maximum Morale), and –5 (maximum negative Morale). When any unit in a battle has a Morale score of anything but 0, roll a die at the beginning of each combat round. This is the Morale Number for the round.

Units whose positive Morale is greater than the Morale Number will make 2 separate attacks during that round. They may even sacrifice their 1st attack to add to their 2nd, or sacrifice both attacks to add twice their level to a friendly Creature Stack’s attack score. Units whose negative Morale Score is greater than the negative value of the round’s Morale Number don’t get to attack at all during that round. They are too woeful to fight at all.


Luck is a factor that always seems to pop up when you least expect it. Like Morale, all units are assumed to have a 0 (neutral) Luck Score unless it is changed by a skill, spell, artifact, or terrain effect. If changed by such factors, a Unit’s Luck can be as high as +3 (maximum Luck), or as low as –3 (maximum bad Luck).

If a Unit has a positive Luck Score, when he attacks, he will roll a number of extra dice equal to his Luck Score, and add only the highest roll to his attack. So, if his luck score was 3, he would roll 4 dice, and add only the highest of the rolls to his Attack Score.

If a Unit has a negative Luck Score, he gets the opposite effect. He rolls a number of extra dice equal to his negative Luck Score, using only the lowest roll to add to his Attack Score. So, if a unit had a –3 Luck Score, he would roll 4 dice, and add only the lowest roll to his Attack Score, ignoring the other dice.

Flying Armies

If every card in an Army Stack has the Flight special ability, they move differently from other Army Stacks. Most importantly, these special Army Stacks can ignore all movement penalties, since they are flying over the terrain. In fact, they may even move into impassible terrains (except for Cave Walls), as long as they do not stop there. Even flying armies may not end their turn on an impassible terrain space. All terrains cost 1 movement point (MP) to fly into. The downside is that such a stack does not benefit from spaces that normally cost less than 1 MP to move into.

Native & Special Terrains

Certain Units in Heroes IV benefit by operating on their “home turf”. In game terms, this gives them advantages in movement and combat. There are also special terrains that effect all who enter them. The table below shows details all such terrain effects.

TerrainNativeEffects For Native Units
Hot VolcanicDeath1 MP / Hex. +1 Attack & Defense.
SwampChaos2 MP / Hex. +1 Attack & Defense.
SnowOrder2 MP / Hex. +1 Attack & Defense.
Grass / DirtLife½ MP / Hex. + 1 Attack & Defense.
ForrestNature1 MP / Hex. +1 Attack & Defense.
RoughMight1 MP / Hex. +1 Attack & Defense.
Cursed GroundDeath1 MP / Hex. +2 Attack & Defense.Morale & luck have no effect.
Enchanted StoneOrder+2 Attack & Defense. Order Spells cost ½ Mana. Chaos Spells cost double Mana.
Field of GloryMight+2 Attack & Defense.All Spells cost double Mana.
Field of LifeLife+2 Attack & Defense.Life units get max Morale.
Magic GardenNature+2 Attack & Defense. Nature units get max Luck. Nature spells cost ½ Mana.
Scorched EarthChaos+2 Attack & Defense. Chaos spells cost ½ Mana. Order spells cost double Mana.

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