Battles in Towns:
When outnumbered by a more powerful enemy, one of the best things to do is to retreat to your fortified town to make your last stand. This is an even better tactic when you have lots of units with Ranged Attacks that can sit behind the walls and pick off enemies before they get close enough to pulverize you. Battles in towns are played the same way as all other battles, except that the walls of the town offer great protection for the Defender. Battles in town differ from other battles in the following ways:

Setup: The Defender can place all of his Creature Stacks on the Ranged Line and let the town’s protective walls act as the Melee Line. He is not required to place any Creature Stacks on the Melee Line. Place the Town Card where the Melee Line would otherwise be. The Town Card does not attack, but it can be attacked. Its Defense Score is 10. The wall can only be attacked by Melee Attacks. So, to damage the town walls, the enemy must make a Melee Attack roll totaling 10 or more against the Town Card itself. The Town Card cannot be destroyed, like a normal Unit, but it can be “Breeched” and then “Sacked”. When the town card is hit the first time, turn the Town Card to its “Breeched” position. This means there is a small hole in the gates of the town, and the Defender must immediately move at least 1 Creature Stack to the Melee Line to fill this hole. The second time the Town Card is hit, the town’s walls are sacked. Turn the Town Card to its “Sacked” position. Once the walls are sacked, the defender must immediately move his Creature Stacks so that at least 2 Creature Stacks are on his Melee Line.

Ranged Penalties: The town walls offer some protection against ranged attacks to friendly Creature Stacks on the Ranged Line. When the walls are undamaged, the Ranged Attack Scores of all attacks directed at targets on the defender’s Ranged Line are cut in ? (round up). This is a 1-way obstacle. No penalty is charged to the Ranged Attack Scores of defending units who are firing from inside the town. Once the walls are “Breeched”, rather than cutting such Ranged Attack Scores in half, the Aggressor will simply subtract 1 from them. Finally, the penalty is eliminated altogether when the town’s walls are in the “Sacked” position. Keep in mind that there are no penalties charged to the Aggressor for spells, or for attacks aimed at targets on the defender’s Melee Line. Breeched & Sacked walls are immediately repaired when the battle is over.

Ignoring Obstacles: Units that ignore obstacles do not ignore the town walls until they are at least “Breeched”. This means that you must hit the town walls at least once before such special Units can fly (or teleport) into the town and make Melee Attacks. However, ranged units with special abilities that allow them to ignore obstacles, may also ignore the Ranged Penalties described above.

Emerging from the Town: Defenders in a town who are on the Ranged Line may move to the Melee Line without sacrificing their Attack Opportunity. This allows them to stay in the town while their opponent’s attack phases come and go. Then, when their phase finally arrives, they can pour out of the town to the Melee Line and make what is often a devastating attack. Moving those same units back onto the Ranged Line later in the battle, does however require them to sacrifice their attack opportunity.

No Retreat, No Surrender: Defenders in towns may not withdraw, or surrender. They must fight to the death.

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