Heroes & Spells

Many Heroes cast spells. Magic in fact, is a large part of this game. But in order to cast a spell, you must first possess the appropriate Primary Skill for that type of spell, and secondly visit a town where you can learn that spell.

Heroes & Artifacts

A Hero may have many artifacts at the same time, but there is a limit. Each Artifact Card has a diagram showing what slot(s) the artifact takes up. For instance, the Artifact Card shown in the Components section takes up both the Right & Left Hand slots. This means, that if this Artifact is used, the Hero may not use any other Artifacts that use either of these 2 spaces. Sometimes, the diagram will have the word “or” over several slots. This means that the artifact can be placed in any of the indicated slots. At any time, a player may discard an Artifact that is taking up a slot he wishes to free up.

Magic Primary Skills:
The concept is simple. In order to cast Death Magic Spells, you must be versed in the Death Magic Primary Skill. In addition, your proficiency in Death Magic must be sufficient for the difficulty of the spell you are trying to cast. As mentioned earlier, Basic Chaos Magic allows a Hero to cast Level 1 Chaos Magic Skills, while Advanced Chaos Magic allows him to cast Level 2 Chaos Magic Spells. The levels and types of spells you are allowed to cast are spelled out on your Primary Skill description.

Learning Spells:
Unlike almost everything else you get in a town, spells cost no money. You will not have to discard from your hand to learn a spell. If you have a Hero that is qualified to learn a spell (see above) that is in your hand or Adventure Stack, and he is visiting a town that teaches that spell, you may simply place the Spell Card in the Hero’s inventory. This can be done with many spells at once, so you can learn any number of spells in a single turn.

Casting Spells:
Each spell card tells you when it is to be cast. Most say they can be cast “in a battle”. This means that the Hero can cast the spell when he would usually be allowed to make an attack. To do so, he must skip his attack, since spell casting takes concentration.

Once a spell is cast, place the Spell Card on the table face up. Then, place a Location Marker on the Spell Card, and a matching one on the target of the spell. If the spell effects more than 1 target, place additional markers on the additional spell targets. Additionally, place a marker on the Spell Card, and flip this marker upside down so the blank side is up. This marker merely indicates that the spell has been cast once this battle. The Spell Cards themselves will describe the effects of each spell. Once the spell effect passes, remove the markers from the targets and from the Spell Card, except for the upside down markers. Upside down markers will be used to keep track of how many times the spell has been cast, and therefore how many Mana Points have been used by the caster.

Just because you cast a spell during one round of combat does not mean you cannot cast the same spell again later in the same battle. Simply repeat the process as before, placing the markers on the Spell Card and the Target Cards. Don’t forget to add a new upside down marker each time the spell is cast.

When the battle is over, if the Hero who cast the spell survived the battle, place the Spell Cards back in his inventory. If he died in the battle, discard the Spell Cards.

There is a limit to the number of spells a Hero can cast in a battle. This limit is his Mana Points. You will notice that your Spell Cards each have a Mana Cost. The total Mana Cost of the spells a particular Hero casts in a single battle cannot exceed the Hero’s Mana Points. Mana Points are granted to a Hero by his Primary Magic Skill, and by some Secondary Skills. For instance, Basic Chaos Magic grants the Hero 10 Mana Points, while the Secondary Skill Conjuration (at the basic level) grants an additional 10 for a total of 20. If the caster only had 1st level spells, which cost 2 Mana Points to cast, he could cast 10 of them in a single battle without running out of Mana Points. Remember, each time the same spell is cast in a single battle, its Mana Cost is counted against the casters Mana Points (see above).

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