Heroes V


- The entire game will be rendered in 3D
- The camera will be completely rotatable, and can zoom in and out
- A unique storyline will be developed for the game
- Hotseat will be included
- The music will be composed by Rob King and Paul Romero, the same two people who have composed the music from Heroes I - IV
- The set of resources are exactly the same as previous games
- Multiplayer has a "fast mode" option, where it will be possible to set a timer on your opponent and vice-versa for quick finishing
- A few new modes will be included as options in the game: Ghost Mode, Simultaneous Turns and Duel Mode.
- Duel Mode has a total of 18 (balanced) hero presets, though there are 6 in the demo
- There are 4 spell schools, and they are not aligned to the towns, but some towns are more suited to certain schools than others.
- There are 6 separate campaigns with over 30 missions in total. The campaigns also incorporate side-plots and special objectives


- There are six towns - Haven, Inferno, Necropolis, Dungeon, Academy and Sylvan
- Each town consists of 14 creatures and 7 levels, each creature having an upgrade.
- A unique town history has been developed for all the towns, with all factions having enemies.
- Special Racial Abilities will be included for every town to give the town its own feel


- It has been confirmed that the game will have at least 130 creatures with all expansions, but exactly 90 in the original game
- Each creature will have one upgrade
- There are six Neutral Creatures
- Creatures will have 'special abilities' like the Griffin's dive attack, and some will be able to cast their own spells, such as the Angel's healing
- 170 creature abilities will be in the game in total


- They cannot directly take part in combat, but are able to cast spells from the sidelines, though they have abilities which enable them to make melee attacks
- There will be three skill levels - basic, advanced and expert
- Each hero will have a special ability

Adventure Map

- Armies now leave a trail in the ground depending on the size of the army (though this will not be clickable - merely a visual clue)
- The game will include weather effects such as rain, though there has been no information on the impact this will have

Combat Map

- Retaliation works in the same way it did in Heroes III
- The battlefield is a static 10 x 12, apart from sieges, where it is 14 x 16
- The ballista, first aid tent, ammo cart and catapult are all confirmed war machines
- The battlefield has been made generally smaller in comparison to previous games for 'faster battles'

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