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Before starting, let's make clear that not all info about the expansion has been (officially) revealed yet. Do not mistake this page with a complete description of what the full addon will be. Of course, anything here is also subject to change. We will update this page with new official information when it is available, but we won't be spreading rumors or leaked or stolen content.

Introduction: Hammers of Fate

Battle Dwarves

Announced officially on August 30th, 2006, the first official Addon for Heroes of Might and Magic V will be called Hammers of Fate. It is slated for release in November 2006 and will include a new race that had been alluded to in the map of Ashan provided with the Heroes V Collectors' Edition, the Dwarves. The town, the Fortress, is similar in name only to its Heroes III counterpart, as its inhabitants possess the racial specialty of 'Runes'. The Dwarf hero will be the Runemage, and their mount of choice is the Mammoth.

Dwarven Skills and Abilities

Dwarven are specialized in Rune Magic, and have all kinds of abilities tied to these runes. Learn more about them on the Dwarven Abilities page.

Dwarven Heroes

Discover the 4 Dwarven heroes that have been released already on the Fortress Heroes page.

Dwarven Creatures

All the dwarven creatures are detailed on the Fortress Creatures page.

The various creatures the dwarves have at their disposal consist mainly of their own kind. Much in the same vein as the humans with a distinctly different level 7 creature, the Dwarf line-up is not overly varied and lacks flying prowess.

Defender Skirmisher Blackbear Rider Berserker Storm Lord Fire Dragon

Of course, as expected, the Dwarven creatures come complete with various new special abilities that have never been seen before in a Heroes game:


The Heroes V Expansion will be the first to feature 'Renegades'. These are seemingly rebellious units who have been ostracised from their community. The story goes that a band of Haven followers break away from the mainstream town and form their own crusade against the demon army. These renegades oppose their own faction (Haven) and wear the colour red. They cannot be purchased in-town - the only way to recruit them is from the adventure map.

Brute Crossbowman Vindicator Battle Griffin Zealot Champion

Fallen Angel The Renegades are alternative upgrade units, and are listed below with their respective abilities:

  1. Enforcer. (Taxpayer, Shield Bash)
  2. Crossbowman. (Shooter, Rapid Fire)
  3. Vindicator. (Cleave)
  4. Battle Griffin. (Large, Flyer, Unlimited Retaliation, Battle Frenzy)
  5. Zealot. (Shooter, No Melee Penalty, Caster)
  6. Champion. (Large, Champion Charge)
  7. Fallen Angel. (Large, Flyer, Life Drain)

Apart from a life draining level 7 unit (Life Drain is the Vampire ability!), you can see 4 brand new abilitites (in italics) in this list:

New Neutral Units

Wolf The expansion will feature 4 new neutral units:

As you can see, these have new abilities as well (in italics):


There will be three campaigns, one featuring the Haven Renegades and another centered on the Dwarves.

Caravans will be available in the add-on!

As previously stated, the expansion is scheduled for a release near the end of the year, and will also include all hitherto patches and, indeed, the map editor, too. Additionally, 10 new multiplayer maps and 5 new single player maps will be made available in the expansion. The much awaited random map generator and the simultaneous turns option for multiplayer will be included as well.

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