Central Information page for Tribes of the East

"Tribes of the East" (ToE) is Heroes 5 second addon, which also works as a standalone game. It contains all the features of H5/HoF, and adds a lot more. It does NOT contain the maps and campaigns delivered with Heroes 5 and Hammers of Fate.

The 3.0 pdf manuals are supplied on the game DVD!
After installation, they are located under the FanDocuments/ folder.
The information here is based on the release version (3.0).

Available information on ToE


ToE features a new faction: Stronghold, home of the mighty Orcs. All creatures now have two possible upgrades: the classic upgrade and an alternate upgrade. Both can be recruited from the same upgraded building in town, and they can even be retrained into one another, for 10% of the creature price. There are no new neutrals in ToE.


As for other factions, there are 8 standard Barbarian heroes (first line in the hero selector). Additionally, there 3 Barbarian campaign heroes in the demo: Gotai, Kujin and Quroq. the Haven and Inferno heroes list contain campaign heroes already. The other factions only have the 8 standard heroes for now.

Duel Hoeroes

With the appearance of the new alternate upgrades, and new artifacts, all duel heroes have been dramatically updated in ToE, with of course 3 new Barbarian heroes. Remember that you can now create and share your own preset heroes (through the map editor). Here's the list of the 24 official duel heroes:


The Barbarian racial skill is Blood Rage: due to their demonic inheritance, Orcs channel their rage in combat to gain bonuses, like stats increase or new abilities.

The skill system has been drastically opened, and heroes have access to many more skills in ToE. If that somewhat reduces the specifity of faction skill trees, it really opens more strategic choices, and gives a new life to useful, but rarely encountered abillities, like Snatch. To give you a grasp of the new skill architecture, Aurelain updated his marvellous skill wheels (available in various languages). They now include the added skill details to be found in the updated ToE manual.


Barbarian do not have access to magic per se, but they can learn 6 Warcries which work about the same way as spells (costing Mana for example). Additionally, each classic magic school (Dark, Light, Destructive and Summoning) has 2 new spells.

Artifacts and Artifact Sets

"Tribes of the East" introduces 8 new artifacts, and more importantly: artifacts sets. Among the 10 sets, there is a specific set for each faction, that brings an additional bonus to this faction's heroes. On the Artifacts page, you can now filter by 'Source' (last column), i.e. the game version where the artifact first appear. For example, filter on ToE to list only the new artifacts.

Stronghold Town

The Stronghold town has no magic guild, but a 3-levels structure (Hall of Trial/Courage/Might), where Warcries are learned. Another specific building, the Walker's Hut, sells Talismans to Barbarians that allwos them to cast adventure spells.

ToE buildings pages for other factions are also available:

Map Locations

The map locations pages have been updated with added details about their mechanics, and source tags (orange right border for ToE additions, silver blue for HoF).

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Thanks to ThE_HyDrA for creating and looking after the Heroes 5 section of Age of Heroes!