Heroes V Manual - Made by Fans, Approved by Ubisoft

We have created the manual(s) for you, with the help of the international HOMM community and support from Ubisoft and Nival. We published the first versions on august 1st 2006, and have been improving them since then.

We are committed to bringing you the latest up to date information, in as many languages as possible, and for free! We really appreciate all the kind words you have to say about our work, and value your feedback.

"The result is beyond our expectations for the quality and level of detail"

Fabrice Cambounet, Heroes 5 Producer

The 3.0 pdf manuals are supplied on the game DVD!

After installation, they are located under the FanDocuments/ folder.

Download the manual in your language

Creative Commons License The 3.x manuals are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License (by-nc-nd). You can copy and distribute them, for non-commercial purposes and in their original form, as long as you credit the authors (at least referring to this page).
The 1.x and 2.x manuals are licensed under the 2.5 version of the same license.

"Tribes of the East" editions (3.x) - NEW!!

- The light package contains only the manual pdf, while the standard package also contains Aurelain's skill wheel.
- The Italian edition is not complete yet, but we should get there, eventually.

"Hammers of Fate" editions (2.x)

Heroes 5 Original (1.x)

The new light versions are reduced image quality pdf, targeted for low bandwidth screen display. They have the same contents, artworks, bookmarks... as the classic high quality versions.

The people behind the manuals

Age of Heroes

Valera Koltsov — project manager, web infrastructure, graphic design.
Stéphane Fidanza — localization coordinator, architecture, pdf design, writing.
Paolo Angelo Sossi — writing, screenshots, proofreading.

Archangel Castle — French localization

Archangel Castle supplied the Skills Trees and some of the map locations screenshots.
Credits to Exeter, Dridri and Círdan.

Drachenwald — German localization

Drachenwald provided ideas for layout and data (Duel Heroes pages, mini-artifact table).
Credits to Caleb, Coras Tar, Hans Maulwurf, Moeffz, SolmyrBln, Andrean, Booky, Koni, Lord, Gunnar, MysticPhoenix and Tedil.

Heroes Centrum — Czech localization

Credits to Jata and pasa for translation, and Jetro for proofreading.

Heroic Corner — Russian localization

Heroic Corner provided very accurate technical details about the game (special credit to alexrom66 and evil_good), the kind of which you were longing to know.
Credits to LaBoule, Alexey Romanikhin aka alexrom66, Vladimir Pavlov.

Jaskinia Behemota — Polish localization

Credits to Morthi, Matiz123, Daimon_Frey, the Heroes V Unofficial Patch team and Ururam Tururam.

La Torre de Marfil — Spanish localization

La Torre de Marfil provided many ideas and feedback.
Credits to Vitirr and Namerutan for translation, Rob_King for screenshots and Tulkas for proofreading.

Italian localization

Credits to Paolo Angelo Sossi for translation.

Additional Credits to

Aurelain for the Skill Wheels.

Everybody who provided feedback, ideas or information, and in particular vyse (for gathering info for the town specializations bonuses), Pitsu and the Celestial Heavens team, Eric Stickland (creatures tables design), Alcibiades and VokialBG (new necromancy tables design).

And of course, many thanks to Ubisoft and Nival Interactive for answering our questions and supplying technical data about the game. And for creating this wonderful game to start with!!

Production Notes

As you can imagine, creating these manuals and keeping them up-to-date has been a big project, to which contributors dedicated thousands of hours of work. To give you an insight on the production, here are some figures and facts:

Thanks to sfidanza for creating this page.
Thanks to ThE_HyDrA for creating and looking after the Heroes 5 section of Age of Heroes!