Despite innumerable creature upgrade proposals posted on Heroes forums worldwide over the past 3 or 4 years, the Nival Interactive team have decided to revert to the Heroes III method of having 7 levels, with each creature having an upgrade. This system was, in some people's opinions, flawed, since some believed that here were unnecessary upgrades that added little the original creature, and made for some very un-original creations.

Coupled with the 6 towns in the original Heroes V game, the 7 base creatures and their 7 upgrades make a total of 84 creatures in the original game. Fabrice Cambounet, Ubisoft Heroes V Producer, was quoted as saying they would "easily match" the 130 creatures Heroes III had - with the help of expansions, which are planned for Heroes V.

Of the creatures revealed, some familiar favourites have returned, with the Angel, the Cavalier, the Cerberus, the Devil, and the lowly Peasant all making comeback appearances for Heroes V. Of course, Heroes V isn't bereft on new talent, with the Succubus, the Horned Overseer, and the Inquistor gracing our screens for the first time, as well as the rejuvenated Pit Lord.

The new 'town for the fans' has turned out to be the introduction of the Dark Elves into the Heroes series, displacing classic creatures such as the Medusa, the Harpy and the Beholder. This also instigates the question of the nature and number of the neutral creatures appearing in the game. Which town will be subsidised and heading for the neutral yard? Or will any creatures from this town be returning at all?

Confirmed Neutral Creatures
Death Knight
Air Elemental
Earth Elemental
Fire Elemental
Water Elemental

Mentioned Creatures/Possible Expansion

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