The ever-changing spell system is set to undergo another overhaul in Heroes V. The Heroes IV option of each alignment having its own set of spells has been disregarded, as has reverting to the 'traditional elements' spell schools of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. We now have a fully-functioning Schools pages with all 43 spells included. The following art has appeared on the Heroes of Might and Magic teaser site, and was later confirmed to be the symbols of the 4 spell schools. It was previously thought that there were 6 spell schools, but this theory has been disproven.

Other Facts

- There will be a total of 44 spells
- Each spell school will have approximately 10 spells each
- Hero abilities are able to be cast from the spell book free of charge
- Towns are not linked to one particular school, but they have a certain inclination to 2 of them. That means their magic guilds will have at least one spell of each of these two schools at every level.

Spell Symbols

Here are the 7 symbols sighted in the spellbook in a table with their names and functions. Click on the symbols to get to the corresponding page.

Adventure Map Spells Destructive Magic Light Magic Dark Magic Summoning Magic Combat Spells Special Abilities
Adventure Map Spells Destructive Magic Spells Light Magic Spells Dark Magic Spells Summoning Magic Spells Combat Spells Special Abilities
Lists spells that can be used outside of combat Focuses on direct-damage spells such as Fireball, Meteor Shower and Chain Lightning. Comprised mainly of bless-type spells, such as Haste, but also has direct-damage spells in Holy Word. Curse-oriented school which targets the enemy and reduces their aptitude in combat. Includes spells like Curse and Blind. Encompasses a range of spells dealing with movement and the exploitation of nature among other things. Includes Conjure Phoenix and Wasp Swarm. Lists spells that can be used in combat Lists the special abilities the hero has that can be used

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Thanks to ThE_HyDrA for creating and looking after the Heroes 5 section of Age of Heroes!