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Heroes 6 Abilities Tool (Skill Summary)

This great handy tool was made by Aurelain. It was then updated to 2.1 by Aurelain and Valeriy. The update features: addition of the Dungeon faction, corrections for to patch 2.1, extra information such as cooldowns and mana cost, bug fixes, and integration with Age of Heroes Heroes 6 Wiki.

Hero Builds: Share Yours, Load Others

Once you have completed your hero build, click the URL (web address) in the bottom of the tool. The URL will appear in your web browser's address bar and you can copy it from there, and paste it wherever you want to display your hero build. Anyone can open your unique URL and see your completed hero build right inside the Skill Summary tool!

Heroes 6: Ultimate Hero Builds thread is the place to post your best hero builds and check out what others have come up with.

If you want to discuss the Skill Summary tool itself, visit The AOH Heroes 6 Wiki Thread.

Wiki Integration

The data inside the tool can now be updated by the community via the Abilities_Data page on this wiki. Feel free to use this method to correct any errors, bring the tool up to date with the latest patch, or to enhance the information in the tool - for example how the ability effects change depending on level of the hero.

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