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Dwarven shield (might): +2 Might defense (Minor - Common)

Steadfast shield (might): +6 Might defense (Major - Common)

Sentinal shield (might): +10 Might defense (Relic - Common)

Marksman crossbow: +1 Might damage to friendly shooters (Minor - Common)

Unicorm horn bow: +2 Might damage for friendly shooters and ignore range penalties (Major - Common)

Emerald yumi bow: +3 Might damage for friendly shooters and ignore range & obstacle penalties (Relic - Common)

Handbook of the apprentice (magic): +20 Mana, +2 Mana regeneration (Minor - Common)

Grimoire of the master (magic): +60 Mana, +6 Mana regeneration (Major - Common)

Codex of the archmage (magic): +100 Mana, +10 Mana regeneration (Relic - Common)

Celestial shield (Haven): +10% Gain of guardian points (Major - Common)

Gorada rael (Inferno): +10% Gain of gating points (Major - Common)

Flamegold shield: +2 Might defense, +10 Fire magic defense (Major - Common)

Logbook of the master sailor: +8 Hero sea movement and whirlpools no movement cost (Relic - Common)

Tomes of sieges: +1 Structural damage to catapult (Relic - Common)

Centaur bow (might): No melee penalty for friendly troops retaliations (Minor - Set(Warlord))

Hook: +4 Morale to troops whenever hero attacks, up to max of +12 morale (Major - Set(Pirate))

Libram of last rites: +5 Magic defense, all enemy troops get 5% less healing (Relic - Set(Great lich))

Libram of the prophet (magic): +5 Magic defense, +50 Mana, +5 Mana regeneration (Relic - Set(Prophet))

Lion shield (might): +3 Leadership, +3 Might defense (Major - Set(Guardian))

Magister codex (magic): +3 Magic power, +3 Destiny (Major - Set(Magister))

Stonefist Libram: +250 Gold per day, Grants the "Architect" ability (Major - Set(Regent))

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