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The Dark Elves are underground-dwelling renegades from the Elf forests who have made a pact with the mysterious Faceless. Deadly schemers in the darkness, their whole nation is imprinted by Malassa’s mark and forced to hear the constant whispers of the world.

Vital Statistics

Associated colous: Black and Purple

Symbols: The Eye of Malassa (secrets and lies, illusions, fears and madness) and the Shadow Mark.

Worship: Malassa, the Dragon Goddess of Darkness

Core Philosophy: "We rule the shadows, and someday the shadows will rule everything.”

Country / Kingdom: Ygg-Chall, the Dark Below

Capital City: Konos, the Maze of Shadows




The Dark Elves worship Malassa, the Dragon of Darkness, Keeper of Secrets.

Social Organisation

Dark Elves divide their society into two classes: those who can bear the constant whispers of Malassa’s Mark and those who cannot. Those who can without losing their minds command great power and political influence. Dark Elves organized themselves into several clans, each led by a child of Tuidhana. Common interests for specific messages found in the whispers of Malassa’s Mark unite them, not blood or relationships. Members of the Nightshard Clan are passionate about sadness and happiness while the Soul Scar Clan is drawn towards pain, suffering and madness.


Dark Elf buildings are renovations and extensions of ancient Faceless ruins, built in stone and crystal. Their structures are angular, at right angles and use sharp lines, making them a scar on the landscape of the caverns. Dark elf cities are decorated with statues, frescoes, glyphs and the likes. Their windows are high and narrow, to filter light and prevent assassins from entering.


Dark Elves favour Dark Magic, the “alien” magic of the mysterious, unfathomable shadows. Coils of darkness reach out to smite their enemies, torches extinguish themselves, blindness descends on enemy eyes. Other spells specialize in deception and stealth, and the most powerful summon the spirit of the void itself, to feed on the willpower of their enemies.

Recent Events

The heat and lava is something the Demons have evolved to actually appreciate, but the fact that they cannot escape their prison is insupportable. A new leader, Kha Beleth, has started to preach a world where all demons are created equal and have a right to live freely within and without Sheogh. He is gathering followers, and intends on using the upcoming Bloodmoon eclipse to gain a foothold on Ashan, and expose, if not impose, his people¢s right to an equal place amongst the children of the Dragon Gods.

Dungeon warfare: “?”

Dark Elves are a pragmatic people, and bribery and assassination are often cheaper than raising an army. Their generals believe that a war is better won with persuasive words, devious stratagems, and a poisoned daggers than with an army in the field, and as such they have no hesitation about sending out spies, saboteurs and assassins as instruments of their policy. Dark Elves can use other tactics as well. The main body of their infantry consists of dispensable slaves (usually Beastmen) or beasts from the darkness. Elite troops are fast-moving skirmishers, armoured in light scale mail, and armed with curved sword and throwing daggers. Support comes from crossbow units and Shadow Sorcerers, who master various mind-control and life-draining spells. If forced to fight in the open, Dark Elves prefer to strike under cover of darkness. If forced to fight in daylight, they can stand their ground, but they’re more inclined to retreat and wait for nightfall.

Military strengths


Military weaknesses


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