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Myranda`s helmet: +4 Might defense, +2 Leadership, grants Enlightment ability (Relic - Head)

Vein`s Spaulders: +3 Magic Power, +3 Might Defence (Major - Shoulder)

Sayuri`s Journal: +12 Mana Regeneration, grants Meditation ability (Relic - Off Hand)

Kieran`s Armor: +1 movement to friendly creatures, +2 Might Defence (Major - Chest)

Ga`arend`s Boots: +3 Initiative (Minor - Feet)

Windsword Brooch: +1 Leadership, grants Econimist I ability (Minor - Neck)

2 item bonus: +1 Hero land Movement, grants 250 gold per day
4 item bonus: +3 Magic power, the daze effect caused by Air magic lasts one more turn
6 item bonus: +5 creature initiative, when combat starts casts Storm Arrows on all friendly creatures and Storm Winds on all enemy creatures


Assassin`s Mask: -3 enemy morale (Minor - Head)

Moonblade: +3 Might Power (Minor - Off Hand)

Assassin Gloves: +3 Might Power, +3 Destiny (Major - Gauntlet)

Cloak of Darkness Ranged attacks are 20 % less efficient on friendly units (Major - Cloak)

Assassin Boots: +2 Damage to friendly creatures, grants Ambush ability (Relic - Feet)

Vial of Poison: Reduces health of enemy creatures by 3 (Relic - Neck)

2 item bonus: +2 Destiny, Friendly units` melee attacks have a poison effect for the first 3 turns of combat
4 item bonus: +4 Might power, When a poisoned enemy stack is destroyed, poison effects will spread to adjacent stacks
6 item bonus: +5 creature initiative, Friendly creatures avoid retaliation in first three melee attacks

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