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Amulet of health: +1 Health to friendly troops (Minor - Common)

Necklace of vitality: +2 Health to friendly troops (Major - Common)

Lifeblood pendant: +3 Health to friendly troops (Relic - Common)

Dragon claw amulet: +2 Magic power (Minor - Common)

Dragon fang necklace: +4 Magic power (Major - Common)

Dragon eye pendant: +8 Magic power (Relic - Common)

Amulet of thunder: +20% Air spell damage (Major - Common)

Brythigga amber: +20% Earth spell damage (Major - Common)

Evercold icicle: +20% Water spell damage (Major - Common)

Heart of darkness: +20% Dark spell damage (Major - Common)

Rune of flame: +20% Fire spell damage (Major - Common)

Sun cross: +20% Light spell damage (Major - Common)

Amulet of necromancy (Necropolis): +10% Gain of necromancy points (Major - Common)

Frozen chrysanthemum (Sanctuary): +10% Gain of honor points (Major - Common)

Pendant of primal rage (Stronghold): +10% Gain of rage points (Major - Common)

Blood scarf (250 blood points): +10% To blood abilities (Major - Common)

Necklace of tears (250 tears points): +10% To tears abilities (Major - Common)

Pendant of conflux: +1 Mana for every 2 mana spent by enemy (Relic - Common)

Pendant of mastery: Faction ability increased by 1 rank and combat starts with racial guage on first rank (Relic - Common)

Amulet of the jaguar: +4 Might power (Major - Set(Warlord))

Hourglass of order: -3 Morale to all troops per round (Major - Set(Great lich))

Sea elf charm: +3 Leadership, +3 Magic defense (Major - Set(Pirate))

Warping pendant (10 might power): -1 Movement to enemy troops (Relic - Set(Trickster))

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