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Working Together

Our vision is to create a complete Might and Magic Heroes 6 information resource. Everyone is welcome to correct, expand and enhance this information web site. This page will teach you how to get started. Whatever you do, remember to be respectful to the work of other contributors, and always feel free to add your personal contribution.


To see which pages other people are working on, to discuss your input, get feedback for your ideas, and for any other wiki-related discussion, head over to: The Wiki Collaboration Thread on Heroes Community

Summarize Your Edits

When editing a page, don't forget to fill out the Summary box - to briefly summarize what you changed or added. For example "Added building descriptions", "Corrected centaur hit points" or "Added more siege strategies". This makes it easier for everyone to follow the changes, as well as to see what you have contributed.

Getting Started

To prevent spam and ensure quality of contribution, AOH HOMM6 Wiki is linked to Heroes Community member database. To log in you will need to have an account at Heroes Community with at least five posts on the forums. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to non members. However, thanks to this security step our wiki is free from annoying captchas.

If you are new to HC, a good way to make your first posts is joining a discussion on the subject that you wish to write about here - you can draft your pages on HC forums and get useful feedback from other HC members. By the time you've done this you will be ready to log in to the wiki. Please note: if your posts get deleted from HC forums and your HC post count drops below 5, you will not be able to log in until you restore it to 5 or above.

When you have a Heroes Community account with at least five posts on the forums, click LOG IN in the gray bar on top of the page and enter your HC username and password.

Editing Help

Begin Editing

  • If you want to edit an existing page, click the EDIT link above the top left corner of page content
  • Sometimes you can edit smaller sections of the page by clicking the EDIT link on the right side of a heading.
  • To create a new page, put desired page name into the search box (top left), click Go, and then click the red create page link.
  • Administrators can edit the side menu here: MediaWiki:Sidebar.

Using Wikitext

  • You don't need any special knowledge to write text pages, but if you want to add headings, tables, links and images you will need to use Wikitext. Wikitext is very easy to learn and after a little bit of practice you can be making professional-looking pages.
  • For basics of Wikitext with visual examples see this page: Wikitext with Examples
  • Want to make a table? See here: Wikitext for Tables
  • Want to make a sortable table? Check this page: Wikitext for Sortable Lists
  • More advanced Wikitext examples are here: Advanced Wikitext Examples

Uploading Images

  • Logged in users can upload images by clicking Upload File in the Toolbox section of the left menu.

Learn More

You can find much more information in the Wikimedia Manual. Try the search box there to find specific information.

Tips and Tricks

  • Add yours!

History and Credits

The Age of Heroes HOMM6 section project was originally started by Valeriy (AOH/HC admin) in late 2011 with a team of several volunteers. Due to a lack of motivation and coordination the project did not take off. Only one team member, Miru, persisted with the task and created enough content pages to open the site. In mid-2012 Miru approached Valeriy to open the site to the public. By 2013 Valeriy got around to the task and realized that the CMS used to build the site had too many bugs for public release. Valeriy proceeded to overhaul the site to a customized MediaWiki integrated with Heroes Community and manually converted the initial content into MediaWiki format. The site was opened to the public on 14th of April 2013. Miru's input and perseverance played the key role in carrying the project through to see the light of day.

Initial Content

Creatures: All of the data for creatures pages was put together by Miru. It was converted into sortable MediaWiki tables by Valeriy.

Artifacts: The data for artifacts pages was put together by DoubleDeck and Dave_Jame.

Factions: The data for faction pages was provided by Ubisoft and put together by Elvin.

All other editing is logged in the MediaWiki system log and directly credited to its respective authors.

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