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Alchemist robe (magic): +4 Magic defense, +1 Random resource per day (Major - Common)

Robe of Sar-Issus (magic): Mana cost of spells reduced by 50% (Relic - Common)

Shantiri armor (might): +4 Might defense, +6 Prime magic defense (Major - Common)

Armor of the legendary hero (might): +2 To all primary stats (Relic - Common)

Dragon scale armor (might): +5 Might defense, +5 Magic defense (Relic - Common)

Guardian breastplate (might): +4 Might defense, Friendly troops immune to damage from first 3 enemy attacks (Relic - Set(Guardian))

Magister robe (magic): +4 Magic power, +20 Mana, +2 Mana regeneration (Major - Set(Magister))

Necromancer chasuble: +1 Magic defense, +20 Mana (Minor - Set(Great lich))

Pirate armor: +6 Might defense, Grants the "Resilience" ability (Relic - Set(Pirate))

Robe of the prophet (magic): +4 Magic defense, +3 Health to friendly troops (Relic - Set(Prophet))

Shadowsteel armor (might): +3 Might defense, +3 Might power (Major - Set(Warlord))

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