Barbarian Creatures of Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars

Hp: 3Att: 3Def: 1Dam: 1-2Sp: 4 (average)--Cost: 40
Goblin. Very nice level one creature. It is quite effective to use bless if you have a lot of goblins.
Hp: 10Att: 3Def: 4Dam: 2-3Sp: 2 (v.slow)-Shots: 8Cost: 140
Orc. Slows down your hero.
Orc Chieftain
Hp: 15Att: 3Def: 4Dam: 3-4Sp: 3 (slow)-Shots: 16Cost: 175
Orc Chieftain. Very nice upgrade. Speed will do for early and midgame.
Hp: 20Att: 6Def: 2Dam: 3-5Sp: 6 ( 200
Special: Attacks twice per turn.
Wolf. Great on offence but weak on defence. Opposite of pikeman.
I suggest that you attack with wolves only if you're sure that target will be strongly weakened.
Hp: 40Att: 9Def: 5Dam: 4-6Sp: 2 (v.slow)--Cost: 300
Ogre. Quite useless because of their speed.
Don't buy ogres before upgrade because it will cost 400 to upgrade them - that's like buying one again!
Ogre Lord
Hp: 60Att: 9Def: 5Dam: 5-7Sp: 4 (average)--Cost: 500
Ogre Lord. They are the key to barbarian's success. An excellent average unit.
Hp: 40Att: 10Def: 5Dam: 5-7Sp: 4 (average)-Shots: 8Cost: 600
Special: Regenerates hit points to full every turn.
Troll. Extremely useful if attackers damage them less that 40 hit points per turn.
War Troll
Hp: 40Att: 10Def: 5Dam: 7-9Sp: 5 (fast)-Shots: 16Cost: 700
Special: Regenerates hit points to full every turn.
War Troll. Increased damage and more shots adding to abbility of regeneration makes a perfect shooter!
Hp: 80Att: 12Def: 9Dam: 12-24Sp: 5 (fast)--C: 750+1C
Special: Attack affects 2 spaces. 20% chance to paralyze creatures.
Cyclops. Align cyclops in order to use 2-space attack bonus.
Once you paralyzed the creature, leave it and move on to the next one.