Warlock Creatures of Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars

Hp: 5Att: 3Def: 1Dam: 1-2Sp: 4 (average)-Shots: 8Cost: 60
Centaur. The only shooter available to warlock.
Hp: 15Att: 4Def: 7Dam: 2-3Sp: 6 (v.fast)FLY-Cost: 200
Gargoyle. Good defence and speed makes Gargoyles useful at all situations.
Hp: 25Att: 6Def: 6Dam: 3-5Sp: 4 (average)FLY-Cost: 300
Special: retaliates against any number of attackers.
Griffin. Main warlock creature which never gets tired. 2-hex-sized. Use to attack enemy shooters.
Hp: 35Att: 9Def: 8Dam: 5-10Sp: 4 (average)--Cost: 400
Minotaur. nothing to comment here...
Minotaur King
Hp: 45Att: 9Def: 8Dam: 5-10Sp: 6 (v.fast)--Cost: 500
Minotaur King. upgrade's speed and toughness makes a good ground creature.
Hp: 75Att: 8Def: 9Dam: 6-12Sp: 2 (v.slow)--Cost: 800
Special: attacks all adjacent enemies.
Hydra. Really slows down your hero, but that's ok with garrisoning.
2-hex-sized - that's 8 hexes attacked at once! Excellent against non-shooters.
Green Dragon
Hp: 200Att: 12Def: 12Dam: 25-50Sp: 4 (average)FLY-C: 3000+1S
Special: attack affects 2 hexes, immune to spells.
Green Dragon. You can't cast spells on it and so does the enemy.
Red Dragon
Hp: 250Att: 13Def: 13Dam: 25-50Sp: 5 (fast)FLY-C: 3500+1S
Special: attack affects 2 hexes, immune to spells.
Red Dragon. Got a hero with a good spell power? Give him a couple of dragons, attack and cast Armageddon!
Black Dragon
Hp: 300Att: 14Def: 14Dam: 25-50Sp: 6 (v.fast)FLY-C: 4000+2S
Special: attack affects 2 hexes, immune to spells.
Black Dragon. The most powerful creature in the game... or is it? Titans put that under debate.