Damage Formula

You can find out how much damage one creature inflicts to another. The Rules:
The total damage a creature inflicts is the base damage of one creature X the number of creatures.
Each point of attack skill over defence skill gives 10% extra damage.
(Maximum damage inflicted is 3 X normal damage or when your attack skill higher by 30).
Each point of defence skill over attack skill reduces damage by 5%.
(Minimum damage recieved is 30% of normal damage or when your defence skill higher by 14).

EXAMPLE: (we will use average damage instead of random)
6 Champions (att=10 ; def=9 ; dam=5-10 ; hits=40) attack
4 Ogre Lords (att=9 ; def=5 ; dam=5-7 ; hits=60).
Cahmpions do 7.5 points of average damage each (7.5 X 6 = 45 dam).
The Champion's attack is 5 points higher than Ogre Lord'd defence, so
Champions do 45+23(50%)=68 damage.
1 Ogre Lord dies and another one takes 8 Damage.
Ogre Lords retaliate doing 6 points of average damage each (6 X 3 = 18 dam).
Ogre Lord's attack and Champion's defence are the same, so Ogre Lords do 18 Damage.
That is not enough to kill one Champion, so Champion has 22 hit points left.

Hero's attack and defence are added to attack and defence of hero's creatures.

Wandering Monster Quantities

FEW: 1-4
PACK: 10-19
LOTS: 20-49
HORDE: 50-99
THRONG: 100-249
SWARM: 250-499
ZOUNDS: 500-999
LEGION: 1000+