Sorceress Creatures of Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars

Hp: 2Att: 4Def: 2Dam: 1-2Sp: 4 (average)FLY-Cost: 50
Special: Creatures attacked by sprites cannot retaliate.
Sprite. Try to attack before attacked. Bless spell can make a big difference. Powerful in large numbers.
Hp: 20Att: 6Def: 5Dam: 2-4Sp: 2 (v.slow)--Cost: 200
Special: 25% magic resistance.
Dwarf. Slows down your hero. Magic resistance will really annoy your enemy!
Battle Dwarf
Hp: 20Att: 6Def: 6Dam: 2-4Sp: 4 (average)--Cost: 250
Special: 25% magic resistance.
Battle Dwarf. Twice as much speed makes it a useful unit. Still too slow for endgame.
Hp: 15Att: 4Def: 3Dam: 2-3Sp: 4 (average)-Shots: 24Cost: 250
Special: Fires 2 shots per turn.
Elf. Very offensive units.
Grand Elf
Hp: 15Att: 5Def: 5Dam: 2-3Sp: 6 ( 24Cost: 300
Special: Fires 2 shots per turn.
Grand Elf. Better skill and a great speed. Perfect for endgame army.
Hp: 25Att: 7Def: 5Dam: 5-8Sp: 5 (fast)-Shots: 8Cost: 350
Druid. No comments...
Greater Druid
Hp: 25Att: 7Def: 7Dam: 5-8Sp: 6 ( 16Cost: 400
Greater Druid. Faster and longer-lasting. Perfect for endgame army.
Hp: 40Att: 10Def: 9Dam: 7-14Sp: 5 (fast)--Cost: 500
Special: 20% chance to blind enemy creature.
Unicorn. Good ground creature. 2-hex-sized on battlefield.
Hp: 100Att: 12Def: 10Dam: 20-40Sp: 7 ( 1500+1M
Special: Attack affects two hexes. Immune to elemental spells.
Phoenix. Bless them and attack first. 2-hex-sized on battlefield.
One of two ultrafast creatures in the game - will go first on 99% of battles.