Knight Creatures of Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars

Hp: 1Att: 1Def: 1Dam: 1-1Sp: 2 (v.slow)--Cost: 20
Peasant. Lowest in everything, peasants are totally useless.
They slow down your hero and are fauvorite target of necromancers.
Hp: 10Att: 5Def: 3Dam: 2-3Sp: 2 (v.slow)-Shots: 12Cost: 150
Archer. The only range strike unit for the knight. Good for killing slow creatures.
Slows down your hero like peasants do. Better to upgrade before recruiting.
Hp: 10Att: 5Def: 3Dam: 2-3Sp: 4 (average)-Shots: 24Cost: 200
Special: Fires two shots per turn.
Ranger. Attacks like two archers for only 1/3 extra price!
Definately worth upgrading. Speed will do for early and midgame.
Hp: 15Att: 5Def: 9Dam: 3-4Sp: 4 (average)--Cost: 200
Pikeman. They last for a long time due to their deffence but are a bad attackers.
Opposite to wolf. Theoretically, they should be good for covering shooters - "Over my dead body!" thing.
Veteran Pikeman
Hp: 20Att: 5Def: 9Dam: 3-4Sp: 5 (fast)--Cost: 250
Veteran Pikeman. Higher speed is useful. Higher hit points allow them to last longer.
If you're low on cash, swordsman is a much better deal for same almount of money.
Hp: 25Att: 7Def: 9Dam: 4-6Sp: 4 (average)--Cost: 250
Swordsman. A little tougher than pikeman while does heaps more damage. Finally a good creature.
Master Swordsman
Hp: 30Att: 7Def: 9Dam: 4-6Sp: 5 (fast)--Cost: 300
Master Swordsman. Same type of upgrade as with pikeman.
And again, cavalry which costs the same money is tonns better!
Hp: 30Att: 10Def: 9Dam: 5-10Sp: 6 ( 300
Cavalry. Excellent speed and attack compensate for low hit points.
Cavalry takes 2 spaces which makes it easier to hit, but also makes it better for covering shooters.
Hp: 40Att: 10Def: 9Dam: 5-10Sp: 7 ( 375
Champion. One of two ultra fast creatures in the game which means you will have your turn first.
Hp: 50Att: 11Def: 12Dam: 10-20Sp: 5 (fast)--Cost: 600
Special: Attackes twice per turn.
Paladin. Attacking twice doubles their offence.
Upgrading paladin to crusader will cost 800 - thats more than the cost of paladin! Think well about it.
Hp: 65Att: 11Def: 12Dam: 10-20Sp: 6 ( 1000
Special: Attackes twice per turn. Immune to curse. x2 damage vs undead.
Crusader. Knight's best creature costs only gold unlike most others'. Necromancer's worst nightmare.