Elwin and Shaera Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 1 - The Lovers

Map Difficulty: Intermediate.
Map Size: Medium, with underground.
Victory Condition: Find Shaera's father, Gramin.
Loss Condition: Lose the Elwin hero.
Carryover: Elwin and all of his skills, spells, and experience will carry over to the next map. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 15.

Despite Elwin's reputation as a scamp, I felt drawn to his bold spirit. Not even Elwin knew his true potential. I saw it though, when we were lost in the forest with all sorts of bandits and creatures around us. He was probably more afraid than he had ever been in his life, yet he seemed more concerned with my mood. He kept trying to make me laugh. I will always love him for that.

A diplomatic mission along the coast of the Quid Sea turns tragic when pirates attack. Elwin and Shaera barely escape the mayhem, but soon realize they are lost in this wild part of Aranorn. It is up to Elwin to gel them home again, but the courtly elf must first learn to survive in the wild and lead soldiers into battle if they are ever going to make it safely through this wild and dangerous region.