The True Blade Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 1 - The Drawing of the Blade

Map Difficulty: Novice.
Map Size: Medium, no underground.
Victory Condition: Defeat the Normic and Caileen heroes.
Loss Condition: Lose Lysander.
Carryover: Lysander, two of your most powerful heroes and all of their spells, skills and experience will transfer to the next map. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 18.

I've been the loyal squire of Lord Lysander for more than twelve years. My name is not important because history takes no notice of people like me. Lysander, however, is different. I have known since I first set eyes on him that he would change the world.

Palaedra is in turmoil after a knight named Sir Worton, claiming to be the Gryphonheart heir and rightful ruler of the kingdom, publicly draws the Gryphonheart Blade from its scabbard (something only a Gryphonheart can do). Lord Lysander remains in control of Palaedra, but the rebellious knight is gaining popularity. Some of the nobles have already pledged their allegiance to Sir Worton, and have seized control of four of Palaedra's gold mines to fund his army.