Half-Dead Heroes 4 Campaign

Scenario 1 - Eater of Children

Map Difficulty: Advanced.
Map Size: Small, with underground.
Victory Condition: Capture Vitross.
Loss Condition: Lose Gauldoth Half-Dead.
Carryover: Gauldoth and all of his spells, skills, and experience will transfer to the next map. All of your heroes have a maximum level of 12.

Can you go years without talking to another human being? What about untold months snatching your meals from the forest floor and sleeping in muddy pits? Sanity is a spider clinging to a fluttering thread of web unaware of the fingers reaching for it, catching it, plopping it in my mouth...

Alone in this new world for years, Gauldoth has lived like an animal in the wilderness. When some farmers catch him and try to burn him at the stake, Gauldoth barely escapes into the forest. Soon, rage and fear give birth to a new sense of purpose. Gauldoth raises a small army of his own and embarks on a quest for knowledge as well as revenge.