Creature Skills - Page 2

Mana LeechMana Leech (Death Spell) - Mana Leech allows this creature to drain mana from enemy spellcasters each turn and transfer it to a nearby friendly spellcaster.
Creatures: Imp.
MechanicalMechanical - Mechanical creature are not affected by morale, or by spells or abilities that only work on living creatures.
Creatures: Ballista, Gold Golem, Dragon Golem, Catapult.
MirthMirth (Life Spell) - Mirth allows this creature to cast the Life Magic spell Mirth.
Creatures: Satyr.
Multiple AttackMultiple Attack - Multiple Attck allows this creature to attack all nearby enemies simultaneously.
Creatures: Hydra.
Negate First StrikeNegate First Strike - Negate First Strike allows this creature to counter First Strike abilities or spells.
Creatures: Pikeman, Dragon Golem, Goblin Knight.
No Obstacle PenaltyNo Obstacle Penalty - No Obstacle Penalty allows this creature to do full damage to targets behind castle walls and other obstacles.
Creatures: Ballista.
No RetaliationNo Retaliation - This creature's No Retaliation ability allows it to attack without any chance of retaliation.
Creatures: Cerberus, Vampire, Hydra, Harpy, Sprite, Naga.
Normal MeleeNormal Melee - This creature's Normal Melee means it doesn't suffer the melee combat damage penalty suffered by most ranged creatures.
Creatures: Orc, Medusa, Centaur, Titan, Gargantuan.
PoisonPoison (Death Spell) - This creature's Poison attack damaged a target and then do additional damage every turn until combat ends (as long as that target is living).
Creatures: Venom Spawn.
Random Harmful SpellsRandom Harmful Spells (Death / Chaos / Order Spells) - This creature attacks with Random Harmful Spells, casting a random Chaos Magic or Death Magic spell on its enemy.
Creatures: Evil Eye.
RangedRanged - The Ranged ability allows this creature to attack enemies at a distance, but in melee combat this creature does half damage unless it has the Normal Melee ability.
Creatures: Venom Spawn, Orc, Medusa, Fire Elemental, Waspwort, Crossbowman, Ballista, Monk, Centaur, Cyclops, Elf, Evil Eye, Halfling, Titan, Gargantuan, Catapult.
Ranged First StrikeRanged First Strike - Ranged First Strike allows this creature to strike a target in ranged combat before its target can retaliate.
Creatures: Elf.
RebirthRebirth (Life Spell) - This creature can use the Rebirth ability to return to life after it is killed in combat. If all are killed before they have used this ability, a portion will automaticly be reborn.
Creatures: Phoenix.
RegenerationRegeneration - This creature's Regenetation ability allows it to completely heal all of his wounds at the end of each turn. Regenerates up to 50 hit points per turn.
Creatures: Troll, Dark Champion.
ResurrectionResurrection (Life Spell) - This creature's Resurrection ability allows it to bring friendly dead targets back to life. Costs 20 mana.
Creatures: .
Shoots TwiceShoots Twice - Shoots Twice allows this ranged creature to fire twice each time it attacks. The second attack occurs after any enemy retaliation.
Creatures: Elf, Gargantuan.
Short RangeShort Range - Short Range dramatically decreases the damage of this ranged creature's attack at long range.
Creatures: Orc, Centaur.
Siege CapableSiege Capable - This creature ignores all ranged attack damage penalties for distance and does full damage to targets behing castle walls and other obstacles.
Creatures: Catapult.
SkeletalSkeletal - Skeletal increases this creature's Ranged Defense by 100%.
Creatures: Skeleton, Bone Dragon.
SpellcasterSpellcaster - Spellcaster allows this creature to use a variety of spells during combat.
Creatures: Water Elemental, Faerie Dragon, Mage, Genie, Evil Sorceress.
StealthStealth - With Stealth, this creature is invisible at a distance on the Adventure Map to 2nd level creature and heroes with Basic Scouting. The creature is invisible to adjacent 1st level creature and heroes with no Scouting.
Creatures: Bandit.
Stone GazeStone Gaze (Death Attack) - This creature's Stone Gaze attack has a chance (depending on the strength of the creature) of killing enemies instantly by turning them to stone.
Creatures: Medusa.
Stone SkinStone Skin - This creature's Stone Skin increases its Melee and Ranged Defense by 20%. The Stoneskin spell has no additional effect.
Creatures: Gargoyle, Goblin Knight.
StrengthStrength - Strength increases the creature's combat damage.
Creatures: Behemoth.
Strike and ReturnStrike and Return - Strike and Return allows this creature to fly back to its starting point after attacking.
Creatures: Harpy.
StunStun - This creature's Stun ability gives it a chance of stunning enemies with it attacks in melee combat. Stunned enemies cannot take any action or retaliate for one turn.
Creatures: Squire.
Summon DemonsSummon Demons (Death Spell) - Summon Demons allows this creature to summon Ice Demons during combat. 1 Ice Demon per Devil.
Creatures: Devil.
TaxpayerTaxpayer - As a Taxpayer, this creature generates 1 gold per creature per day in taxes.
Creatures: Peasant.
TeleportTeleport - Teleport allows this creature to move instantly to any point on the battlefield.
Creatures: Devil, Evil Sorceress.
TerrorTerror (Death Spell) - Terror allows this creature to cast Terror on an opponent. Enemies who are frozen by Terror cannot take any actions for one turn. Costs 6 mana.
Creatures: Nightmare, Dark Champion.
ToughnessToughness - Toughness increases this creature's hit points.
Creatures: Zombie.
Two AttacksTwo Attacks - Two Attacks allows this creature to attack twice in melee combat. The second attack occurs after the enemy's retaliation.
Creatures: Crusader, Berserker, Wolf.
UndeadUndead - Undead creatures are not affected by morale, or by spells and abilities that only work on living creatures. Some spells and artifacts (such as Holy Water) have special effects on Undead creatures. Undead creature, however, give an additional -2 penalty to all non-Death creatures.
Creatures: Skeleton, Ghost, Vampire, Bone Dragon, Zombie, Mummy, Dark Champion.
Unlimited RetaliationUnlimited Retaliation - Unlimited Retaliation allows this creature to retaliate against any number of attacks in a single turn.
Creatures: Griffin.
Unlimited ShotsUnlimited Shots - Unlimited Shots assures that this creature never runs out of ammunition when making ranged attacks.
Creatures: Medusa.
WeaknessWeakness (Death Spell) - Weakness causes this creatuer's attack to cast the Weakness spell on its target. Weakened creature do less damage in combat. Does not work on Undead, Mechanical and Elemental.
Creatures: Waspwort.


Death Spell / Attack - Can be warded against with Death Ward (effect spells will fail half of the time, damaging spells will do half damage, Life Drain will gain 1 Hp out of 3 Hp drained, Medusas' Stone Gaze will have decresed chance of working).

Chaos / Order Spell - Can be warded against with Chaos / Order Ward (effect spells will fail half of the time, damaging spells will do half damage).

Cold Attack - Can be protected against with Cold Resistance or artifacts that give it, the target with cold resistance will take 50% less damage from cold attacks and will be immune to cold spells ("Ice bolt" and "Freeze").

Fire Attack - Can be protected against with Fire Resistance or artifacts that give it. If Fire Resistant creature is primary target it will take 50% less damage, if secondary (area attack) it will take no damage.

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