Hero Classes

In Heroes of Might and Magic 4, hero classes are determined by the dominant primary skills a hero posesses. Starting hero classes give no special bonuses to the hero, but upon learning an additional skill and attaining an advanced class, hero gains a special bonus. Use the table below to locate the advanced class by two dominant primary skills of your hero. Then use the alphabetical list to find the special bonus of that advanced class.

Note: The Archmage advanced class (not in the table) can be achieved by specialising in any three magic types. Hero classes in italics are the starting classes and give no special bonuses.

Hero Classes Table

PRIMARY SKILLS Tactics Combat Scouting Nobility Life Magic Order Magic Death Magic Chaos Magic Nature Magic
Tactics Knight or Death Knight General Field Marshal Lord Com- mander Crusader Illusionist Reaver Pyro- mancer Warden
Combat General Barbarian or Archer Ranger Warlord Paladin Battle Mage Assassin Fireguard Beast- master
Scouting Field Marshal Ranger Thief Guild- master Prophet Seer Ninja Fire Diviner Bard
Nobility Lord Com- mander Warlord Guild- master Lord Cardinal Wizard King Dark Lord Witch King Beast Lord
Life Magic Crusader Paladin Prophet Cardinal Priest Monk Dark Priest Heretic Summoner
Order Magic Illusionist Battle Mage Seer Wizard King Monk Mage Shadow Mage Wizard Enchanter
Death Magic Reaver Assassin Ninja Dark Lord Dark Priest Shadow Mage Necro- mancer Lich Demo- nologist
Chaos Magic Pyro- mancer Fireguard Fire Diviner Witch King Heretic Wizard Lich Sorcerer Warlock
Nature Magic Warden Beast- master Bard Beast Lord Summoner Enchanter Demo- nologist Warlock Druid

Advanced Class Bonuses

Death MagicCombatAssassin: +3 to hero's speed and movement
Any Three Magic SkillsArchmage: +20% to all spell effects
Nature MagicScoutingBard: hero always has maximum luck
Order MagicCombatBattle Mage: +20% to effect of Magic Fist and Ice Bolt spells, learns Magic Fist
Nature MagicNobilityBeast Lord: +20% bonus to Summon Wolf and Summon White Tiger spells
Nature MagicCombatBeastmaster: +20% bonus to Summon Wolf spell
NobilityLife MagicCardinal: +5% bonus to Resurrection skill
TacticsLife MagicCrusader: hero always has maximum morale
Death MagicNobilityDark Lord: hero's melee attack gives the target maximum negative morale
Death MagicLife MagicDark Priest: for every 2 points of melee damage dealt, the Dark Priest heals 1 hit point
Death MagicNature MagicDemonologist: +50% bonus to all Demon Summoning spells
Order MagicNature MagicEnchanter: +20% bonus to all Summoning and Illusion spells
TacticsScoutingField Marshal: +10% to Melee and Ranged Attack of all friendly creatures
Chaos MagicScoutingFire Diviner: +20% bonus to the effects of all fire-based spells
Chaos MagicCombatFireguard: hero is immune to fire-based spells and takes half damage from fire-based attacks
CombatTacticsGeneral: +1 morale to all friendly creatures
ScoutingNobilityGuildmaster: hero's melee attack has a chance of stunning (no action or retaliation for one turn)
Chaos MagicLife MagicHeretic: hero ignores the effects of all Wards
Order MagicTacticsIllusionist: +20% to the effects of Illusion spells
Chaos MagicDeath MagicLich: hero's attack has a chance of aging (attack -25%, defence -20%, speed and movement -50%)
TacticsNobilityLord Commander: gives all friendly creatures +2 morale
Life MagicOrder MagicMonk: has Chaos Ward (50% resistant to Chaos spells, Melee/Ranged Defenses +50% against Chaos-aligned opponents)
Death MagicScoutingNinja: melee attack poisons the target (posion deals damage every turn)
CombatLife MagicPaladin: has Death Ward (50% resistant to Death spells, Melee/Ranged Defenses +50% against Death-aligned opponents)
Life MagicScoutingProphet: has Spiritual Armour (Melee and Ranged Defence +25%)
TacticsChaos MagicPyromancer: has Fire Shield (returns 25% damage to melee attackers)
CombatScoutingRanger: has ranged ability and +5 Ranged Attack
TacticsDeath MagicReaver: has Bloodlust (does 25% more melee damage)
Order MagicScoutingSeer: +2 scouting radius
Death MagicOrder MagicShadow Mage: has Blur (Ranged Defence +50%)
Nature MagicLife MagicSummoner: summons +20 Experience Points worth of creatures per day
TacticsNature MagicWarden: gives all friendly creatures +10% to their Melee and Ranged Defence
Chaos MagicNature MagicWarlock: +10 spell points and regenerating 1 extra spell point per day
CombatNobilityWarlord: +5 to Melee Attack
Chaos MagicNobilityWitch King: melee attack casts Fear (opponent cannot retaliate and runs away for a short distance)
Order MagicChaos MagicWizard: decreases the spell point cost for all spells by 2
Order MagicNobilityWizard King: melee attack gives the target maximum bad luck


There are many strategic variables involved in choosing an advanced class, such as whether the hero is a scout, warrior or mage; whether this is a main or supporting hero; what spells are available in your mage guild, etc.

Tactics: gives good bonuses. Go for: Crusader, Field Marshal, Lord Commander, Warden.

Combat: gives poor and average bonuses. Go for: Fireguard, Paladin (against death only).

Scouting: gives average and good bonuses. Go for: Field Marshal, Fire Diviner.

Nobility: bonuses of varying usefulness, over a half of them give the hero a melee attack special. Go for: Cardinal, Dark Lord, Lord Commander.

Life Magic: gives good bonuses. Go for: Cardinal, Crusader, Dark Priest, Monk (against chaos only), Paladin (against death only), Summoner.

Order Magic: bonuses of varying usefulness. Go for: Enchanter, Monk (aganst chaos only), Wizard.

Death Magic: gives good bonuses, over a half of them give the hero a melee attack special. Go for: Dark Lord, Dark Priest, Demonologist.

Chaos Magic: gives good bonuses. Go for: Fire Diviner, Fireguard, Wizard.

Nature Magic: bonuses of varying usefulness, over a half of them have to do with summoning. Go for: Demonologist, Enchanter, Summoner, Warden.

If your hero is a spellcaster by occupation, consider going for Archmage advanced class in the long run. Be aware that upon becoming Archmage, your hero will lose the bonuses of the old advanced class - it's a two-step journey to becoming an Archmage.