The Gathering Storm Expansion Campaign Selection Screen

Masters of Magic

Bohb the Archmage quests to reunite the five legendary items once worn by the greatest of Archmages, Nevar. Each of the five items has long since been taken by five mages each of whom proclaims themself to be the Master of their magical college. Bohb must defeat them all to assemble Nevar's items and unlock their secret power.

Number of Maps: 5

Scenario 1 - Isle of Pyre, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 2 - Slart's Fjord, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 3 - Lambent Plains, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 4 - Mt. Anon, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 5 - Mire of the Dead, Medium, Intermediate.

Opposites Attract

The task of the young wizard, Kozuss, is to collect the three artifacts of Chaos and Order. Kozuss must first locate the Chaos Flame and the Ice Scales, as he will need the powers of both to challenge the shadow mage who possesses the final artifact, the Necklace of Balance.

Number of Maps: 4

Scenario 1 - Into the Jungles, Medium, Advanced.
Scenario 2 - Race to the Flame, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 3 - Fire and Ice, Medium, Advanced.
Scenario 4 - Shadow of Merlion, Medium, Expert.

Another Bard's Tale

Agraynel must lcoate Aiffe's Mandolin, an artifact of legendary power as her part in the quest to stop Hexis. She beings her search in the Isle of the Dawn, a sport favoured by Aiffe in her travels long ago and the only place rumors of the Mandolin point to.

Number of Maps: 3

Scenario 1 - Isle of the Dawn, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 2 - Thunderflash Mountains, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 3 - Uludin Foothills, Medium, Intermediate.

Might Makes Right

Brash and overconfident, Dogwoggle sets out in search of the fabled Tiger Armor and Tiger Helm, not so much for their power but for the fashion statement that such an outfit would make. A quick visit to T.R.'s Tavern turns into a lengthy stay, since the bartender lacks any ability to make a long story short, but Dogwoggle is able to learn that the Tiger Armor and Helm are in the hands of three small kingdoms nearby.

Number of Maps: 3

Scenario 1 - Unexpected Prize, Medium + Underground, Intermediate.
Scenario 2 - Allies Lost, Medium + Underground, Intermediate.
Scenario 3 - The Uncivil War, Medium + Underground, Advanced.

A Matter of Life and Death

Already familiar with the magics of Life and Death, the group decides that Alita should go in search of the Ring of Light and Cloak of Darkness. The powers of the two objects alone would be formidable should the others fail in their quests. Alita's task will be great, but with the help of an old friend, perhaps she will accomplish what she set out to do.

Number of Maps: 4

Scenario 1 - First Contact, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 2 - The Hidden Land, Medium, Advanced.
Scenario 3 - The Dark Path, Medium + Underground, Advanced.
Scenario 4 - The Rescue, Small + Underground, Advanced.

The Gathering Storm

With the five quests completed and the five heroes safely back in Devonshire, the time has come to launch the attack against Hexis himself. The lands under his influence have been ravaged by the chaotic forces of nature, and the way will undoubtedly be fraught with peril. Heroes to the end, the five set out to finish this final task which lay before them.

Number of Maps: 3

Scenario 1 - Storm on the Horizon, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 2 - Up Against a Wall, Medium, Expert.
Scenario 3 - Final Showdown, Medium, Intermediate.

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