The Gathering Storm Expansion Creatures

Level 3

Goblin Knight - Level 3 Chaos Goblin Knight - Level 3 Chaos
Magic ResistanceMagic Resistance
This creature's Magic Resistance gives it a chance of resisting most hostile spells. The creature also takes less damage from spells that cause direct damage. All creatures have 50% of Magic Resistance, exept Gold Golem, which has 75%.
Stone SkinStone Skin
This creature's Stone Skin increases its Melee and Ranged Defense by 20%. The Stoneskin spell has no additional effect.
Negate First StrikeNegate First Strike
Negate First Strike allows this creature to counter First Strike abilities or spells.
Goblin Knight
Health: 120
Damage: 16-30
Population: 4
Cost: 1000 Gold
Shots: N/
Attack: 20
RangeAtt: N/
Defence: 26
RangeDef: 26
Mana: N/A
Speed: 7
Movement: 12
AdvMove: 27
Killing XP: 157
The heavy armor of the goblin knight grants a resistance to both magic and physical attacks, but allows enough freedom of movement for the goblin's natural quickness to overcome the fastest of opponents.
Has 50% magic resistance.
Comments: The best level 3 creature in my opinion (very close between it and the Vampire), and also has the highest number of HP for one, too. Its great speed and damage give it the edge against faster creatures. The Negate First Strike and Stoneskin abilities make it an effective defender aswell.

Level 4

Dark Champion - Level 4 Death Dark Champion - Level 4 Death
Charge allows this creature to do more damage after it charges for a long distance before attacking.
Undead creatures are not affected by morale, or by spells and abilities that only work on living creatures. Some spells and artifacts (such as Holy Water) have special effects on Undead creatures. Undead creature, however, give an additional -2 penalty to all non-Death creatures.
Terror allows this creature to cast Terror on an opponent. Enemies who are frozen by Terror cannot take any actions for one turn. Costs 6 mana.
This creature's Regenetation ability allows it to completely heal all of his wounds at the end of each turn. Regenerates up to 50 hit points per turn.
Dark Champion
Health: 200
Damage: 30-42
Population: 2
4000 Gold + 4 Ore
Shots: N/A
Attack: 40
RangeAtt: N/A
Defence: 40
RangeDef: 40
Mana: 18
Speed: 6
Movement: 15
AdvMove: 30
Killing XP: 1000
Dark Champions are powerful, twisted undead Paladins. Those facing a charge of a Dark Champion will often flee in terror, while the few remaining to fight discover the wounds inflicted upon a Dark Champion rapidly fade away.
Comments: A good creature with high attack, defense, and movement. It also has the ability to cast terror 3 times with its 18 mana. Regeneration is a priceless ability but only recovers 50HP, while the undead bonus is always welcome.
Evil Sorceress - Level 4 Order Evil Sorceress - Level 4 Order
Teleport allows this creature to move instantly to any point on the battlefield.
Magic MirrorMagic Mirror
This creature's Magic Mirror ability allows it to reflect hostile spells back upon the caster like the Magic Mirror spell.
Spellcaster allows this creature to use a variety of spells during combat.
Evil Sorceress
Health: 100
Damage: 20-34
Population: 2
4000 Gold + 2 Mercury
Shots: N/A
Attack: 28
RangeAtt: N/A
Defence: 28
RangeDef: 28
Mana: 50
Speed: 7
Movement: 50
AdvMove: 30
Killing XP: 750
The evil sorceress combines powerful spellcasting with a natural defense against enemy spells and the ability to teleport on the battlefield.
Casts Spell (Banish (110 HP/ES), (Mass Cancellation), (Mass Slow), (Implosion (90/ES)).
Comments: Despite having many powerful spells such as implosion, and the teleport ability, the Evil Sorceress has a mere 100 HP, making it vulnerable to attack. It is also very ineffective against magic resistant and mechanical creatures. Its 30 movement does help on the adventure map, though.
Gargantuan - Level 4 Nature Gargantuan - Level 4 Nature
The Ranged ability allows this creature to attack enemies at a distance, but in melee combat this creature does half damage unless it has the Normal Melee ability.
Normal MeleeNormal Melee
This creature's Normal Melee means it doesn't suffer the melee combat damage penalty suffered by most ranged creatures.
Shoots TwiceShoots Twice
Shoots Twice allows this ranged creature to fire twice each time it attacks. The second attack occurs after any enemy retaliation.
Health: 300
Damage: 28-4
Population: 2
4000 Gold + 2 Crystal
Shots: 16
Attack: 32
RangeAtt: 32
Defence: 32
RangeDef: 32
Mana: N/A
Speed: 4
Movement: 7
AdvMove: 21
Killing XP: 800
A large earth elemental, resembling a behemoth, the Gargantuan attacks with the very earth in a devastating barrage of rocks. In melee, the Gargantuan pounds its opponents with its massive fists.
Comments: Possibly the best creature in the admirable Preserve line-up. It deals a maximum 200 damage with one area attack, 400 with 2 shots. It has very good attack and defense ratings, and the health is third only behind the two Dragons. Perhaps the only weak spot is its speed.

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