Campaign Sorcerers

Kozuss Kozuss - Male Human
Biography: Having never received any formal training in the magical arts, Kozuss is a "wild" wizard, one of a rare few somehow capable of wielding both Chaos and Order magic without destroying himself. Though young and sometimes reckless, he is loyal to a fault, happily (and some say, stupidly) volunteering for whatever task comes along.
History: New
Part in: Opposites Attract (The Gathering Storm Chaos Campaign).

Campaign Priests

Alita Alita - Female Human
Biography: Raised as a priestess, Alita Eventide had always been intrigued by the mysteries of death. Despite the ever-present risk of succumbing to darknessí temptation, she secretly dabbled in Death magic, all the while maintaining a hold on her skills with Life magic. When her dual studies were discovered, however, she was disowned by her family and cast out of the priesthood. She left her home to start a new life in Devonshire, but has never given up on her training in the ways of Life and Death.
History: New
Part in: A Matter of Life and Death (The Gathering Storm Life/Death Campaign). She is the main figure and takes part in all 4 maps of that campaign: First Contact, The Hidden Hand, The Dark Path, The Rescue. And all 3 maps of The Gathering Storm Campaign: Storm on the Horrizon, Up Aggainst a Wall and Final Showdown. A dark priestess Alita searches Ring of Light and a Shadow Cloak with her friend Alevalle.

Campaign Barbarians

Dogwoggle Dogwoggle - Male Human
Biography: Dogwoggle is a hapless hero who has a way of getting into trouble. He often brags about his abilities (which are questionable) and exhibits unflagging confidence no matter how often he fails. However, with his mindless persistence, he always manages to stumble out of trouble and come out on top.
History: New
Part in: Might Makes Right (The Gathering Storm Might Campaign).

Campaign Druids

Agraynel Agraynel - Female Human
Biography: Born in a small woodland village, Agraynel lost both of her parents in an attack by a neighboring kingdom. She chose to become a bard both to honor her parents by keeping their memory alive through song, and to record history from the perspective of the common people.
History: New
Part in: Another Bard's Tale (The Gathering Storm Nature Campaign).

Campaign Mages

Bohb Bohb - Male Human
Biography: Bohb spent his younger years voraciously studying anything and everything magical. Though lacking a natural affinity for magic, he willed himself to master every school of magic. His hard work and success have created self-confidence that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.
History: New
Part in: Masters of Magic (The Gathering Storm Campaign). He is the main figure and takes part in all 5 maps of that campaign: The Isle of Pyre, Slart's Fjord, Lambent Plains, Mt. Anon, Mire of the Dead. And all 3 maps of The Gathering Storm Campaign: Storm on the Horrizon, Up Aggainst a Wall and Final Showdown. In that campaign Bohb with a help of his barbarian friend Violet tries to collect Nevar's Legacy artifacts in order to defeat Hexis.

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