Winds of War Expansion Campaign Selection Screen

To Rule the World

Spazz Maticus, the new king of the small island nation of Orilios, begins a war of conquest to expand his nation's tiny borders. He begins his assault south of Arbor'al, in the foothills of the Anduran Mountains.

Number of Maps: 3

Scenario 1 - Anduran Foothills, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 2 - Rusted Desert, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 3 - Frostrift River Pass, Medium + Underground, Intermediate.

Barbarian Hordes

The barbarian, Mongo, being the eldest nephew of the King, is sent from his northern homeland across a great sea to conquer the kingdom of Channon and lay claim to the lands that he will one day rule. His ultimate goal is the shining capital city of Rylos.

Number of Maps: 3

Scenario 1 - Rivals, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 2 - The Great Wall, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 3 - Party Crashers, Medium, Intermediate.

The Magnificent One

The kingdom of Channon possesses the secret of immortality, but have refused to share it with anyone. Mysterio the Magnificent, greatest of magicians and leader of the neighboring kingdom of Qassar, has set out on a quest to obtain these secrets by any means necessary.

Number of Maps: 3

Scenario 1 - All Clues Lead to Channon, Medium, Advanced.
Scenario 2 - Search for the Tower, Medium, Expert.
Scenario 3 - Magnificent Revenge, Medium, Intermediate.

Enough is Enough

Erutan Revol has decided that the humans of Channon have been allowed to destroy the forests for far too long. It's now time to give them a taste of their own medicine and take the battle directly to them. Conquering their capital will cut off this snake's head, hopefully for good.

Number of Maps: 3

Scenario 1 - The Art of Persuasion, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 2 - The Sacred Vale, Medium, Intermediate.
Scenario 3 - Wrath of Nature, Small + Underground, Advanced.

Death March

The Baron Von Tarkin has long since grown discontented with ruling the wastelands known as Korresan, and has chosen today to begin a campaign to convert the splendorour kingdoms of the living into his subjugated armies of the dead. His first objective are the lands belonging to the Life-followers; the neighbouring kingdom of Channon.

Number of Maps: 3

Scenario 1 - Prelude to Invasion, Medium + Underground, Expert.
Scenario 2 - Flies in the Ointment, Medium, Advanced.
Scenario 3 - The Hand of Death, Medium, Advanced.

The Last Bastion

Having covered (and conquered) all but the last bit of ground leading to the capital, each conquerer learns that there are four others who seek the same prize. This single-map campaign pits the five conquerers against each other in a pitched battle for ultimate control. Which hero will crush his rivals and lay claim to five kingdoms?

Number of Maps: 1

Scenario 1 - Last Man Standing, Large, Intermediate.

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