Winds of War Expansion Creatures

Level 4

Catapult - Level 4 Life Catapult - Level 4 Life
Mechanical creature are not affected by morale, or by spells or abilities that only work on living creatures.
The Ranged ability allows this creature to attack enemies at a distance, but in melee combat this creature does half damage unless it has the Normal Melee ability.
Siege CapableSiege Capable
This creature ignores all ranged attack damage penalties for distance and does full damage to targets behing castle walls and other obstacles.
Greek FireGreek Fire
This creature's Area Attack allows its ranged attacks to strike all targets, friendly or hostile near the target, with deadly fire. 9x9 yard area of damage.
Health: 200
Damage: 20-34
Population: 3
3000 Gold + 6 Wood + 2 Ore
Shots: 12
Attack: 14
RangeAtt: 28
Defence: 28
RangeDef: 28
Mana: N/A
Speed: 0
Movement: 4
AdvMove: 17
Killing XP: 800
The newest incarnation of the catapult is an engineering marvel, able to deliver its fiery gifts of warfare to even the most hidden of its foes.
Comments: A fair creature with only Hit Points and speed letting it down. The bevy of special abilities it possesses aid it greatly, particularly in sieges where its siege capable ability and Greek Fire ability can wreak havoc, forcing the enemy to attack.
Frenzied Gnasher - Level 4 Might Frenzied Gnasher - Level 4 Might
Immune to MagicImmune to Magic
This creature is completely Immune to magic, including spells cast by friendly troops.
A Berserk creature must attack or move to attack every turn. They cannot wait. They are also immune to all forms of fear.
Frenzied Gnasher
Health: 300
Damage: 40-55
Population: 2
4000 Gold + 2 Crystal
Shots: N/A
Attack: 40
RangeAtt: N/A
Defence: 40
RangeDef: 40
Mana: N/A
Speed: 4
Movement: 7
AdvMove: 21
Killing XP: 800
The frenzied gnasher is a massive, powerful beast immune to magic. A few have been captured and trained just enough to be useful in battle, but once turned loose there is no stopping it.
Has 100% Magic Resistance.
Comments: A powerful creature with excellent attack and defense ratings, and also a large amount of Hit Points. Its magic immunity is another favourable feature, but the berserk is not. It deals fair damage and moves a good distance, too. The berserk casts a dark shadow over an otherwise great creature.
Megadragon - Level 4 Chaos Megadragon - Level 4 Chaos
Arc Breath AttackArc Breath Attack
This creature's arc-shaped breath Attack allows it to attack with a blast of fire that may also harm ceratures behing an enemy target.
Magic ResistanceMagic Resistance
This creature's Magic Resistance gives it a chance of resisting most hostile spells. The creature also takes less damage from spells that cause direct damage. All creatures have 50% of Magic Resistance, exept Gold Golem, which has 75%.
Health: 1000
Damage: 50-100
Population: N/A
Shots: N/A
Attack: 50
RangeAtt: N/A
Defence: 50
RangeDef: 50
Mana: N/A
Speed: 7
Movement: 15
AdvMove: 30
Killing XP: 1500
Quite simply, there is no creature alive or dead that could stand alone against the raw, awesome power of the Megadragon. Their extreme rarity and limited suceptibility to magic are their only known weaknesses.
Has 50% Magic Resistance.
Comments: The best creature in the game has the most HP (600 more than its nearest rival), as well as the highest attack and defense ratings. Its arc breath attack enables it to attack many units at once. Unfortunately, there is no place to recruit the Megadragon, as it would further strengthen the movement on the army on the adventure map.

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