Campaign Sorcerers

Spazz Maticus Spazz Maticus - Male Human
Biography: Spazz Maticus recently became King when his father died of "questionable" causes. Though much too young to rule a kingdom, Spazz has lofty goals, and often clashed with his father who seemed content with their small kingdom. Now that he is in charge, itís time the kingdom got a little bigger... itís time to rule the entire world!
History: New
Part in: To Rule the World (Winds of War Chaos Campaign).

Campaign Necromancers

Baron von Tarkin Baron von Tarkin - Male Lich
Biography: So many living, so little time. Such is the lament of the Baron Von Tarkin. Having become discontented over the decades with his own small kingdom, the Baron now seeks to rid the world of all living things, converting them instead to a vast army of the undead.
History: New
Part in: Death March (Winds of War Death Campaign). He is the main characters and takes part in all 3 maps: Prelude to Invasion, Flies in the Ointment, The Hand of Death. An old lich, who rules the big and dead country of Korresan got tired of the neighbour country of Channon, which lives and prosper, so he decides to conquer it and kill everyone and of course rise them as his undead army. After sucessfully conquering the lands in his way, he heads to the capital city of Rylos where he meets other 4 heroes from other 4 Winds of War campaigns: The Last Bastion.

Campaign Barbarians

Mongo Mongo - Male Human
Biography: Mongo is the eldest nephew of King Bolingar, who is eldest of three brothers who rule a great northern kingdom. Though Mongo sometimes feels he is but a pawn in the great game of life, he knows that one day he shall take his rightful place as King, and that until then, he must continue to push himself to achieve more than any of the Kings who have ruled before him.
History: New (Reference to Mongo from Blazing Saddles in biography)
Part in: Barbarian Hordes (Winds of War Might Campaign).

Campaign Archers

Erutan Revol Erutan Revol - Male Elf
Biography: Erutan Revol is the Warden and primary defender of the Arbor'al, a sprawling elven kingdom that shares its eastern lands with the more populated nation of Channon. Recently, however, Erutan has developed a growing resentment of his human neighbors, as signs of their continued lack of respect for nature have begun appearing ever closer to Arbor'al's borders.
History: New
Part in: Enough is Enough (Winds of War Nature Campaign).

Campaign Mages

Mysterio the Magnificent Mysterio the Magnificent - Male Human
Biography: Mysterio the Magnificent has managed to live well beyond his years, but it is no turn of luck; he is a powerful Mage who through study and discipline has maintained both his body and mind. He seeks now the one thing that has continued to elude him... the final piece of the puzzle of immortality.
History: New
Part in: The Magnificent One (Winds of War Order Campaign). He is the main character of tha campaign. He takes part in all 3 maps of that campaign: All Clues Lead to Channon, Search for the Tower, Magnificent Revenge. Story tells about a quite egoistic and ambitious battlemage - Mysterio, being old enough to be dead, he still looks young due his good physical practice and arcane studies, he got alomst everything he wanted, exept for the last thing he always wanted to have - immortality. That wish leads him to the kingdom of Channon. Of course he does not find any secret to immortality, so for revenge he assaults the kingdom itself. He transfers to the last campaign: The Last Bastion where he must meet other 4 conquerers and of course take over the kingdom of Channon.

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